Saturday, July 04, 2009

HumanityCritic's DJ Premier Barbecue Playlist

If I'm reminded of one thing on this holiday weekend, it's how my selfishness and fundamental laziness prohibits me from standing by my principles. I fully embrace all the anti-Christmas arguments concerning the historical inaccuracy of it, the rampant commercialism, how billions of people have their hard earned dough embezzled by greedy monuments of consumerism - making the holiday that falls on the 25th of December as impersonal as your local glory hole. Knowing all that, I disregard reasonably well thought out arguments for my unwavering love of receiving free shit. Its the same thing with the 4th of July. Sure, I'm a proud American, but my friends who claim that there is nothing to celebrate based on the historical mistreatment of the black man have a valid point. They really do. Sadly, the aforementioned beliefs will never weaken my love of eating shit-loads of barbecue at impromptu social gatherings - holiday celebrations of this sort that usually lead to me penetrating some low self esteem having out-of-towner who falls for my "self loathing, chubby guy" shtick. I'm sure the mere of sight of me makes true revolutionaries the world over vomit inside of their collective mouths a little bit.

Anyway, while many of you are at someones barbecue, trying to figure out if its a sane decision to eat the food of someone whose laissez faire approach to hygiene has flies circling their person like "Pigpen" from the Charlie Brown cartoons.. Feeling perplexed at how many food dishes are left uncovered.. Grossed the fuck out, taking a mental count of all the grubby, miscellaneous hands that have touched any given food in a ten minute time span.. The stripper who you refused to fuck solely because she was the owner of a nefarious southward smell, well, she's the one who brought the potato salad.(If she neglects her vagina, just imagine the state of affairs her potato salad must be in)

So, if you find yourself in any of those situations, I have the perfect remedy my friend - "HumanityCritic's DJ Premier Barbecue Playlist" - there is nothing like your germaphobia and overall paranoia having its own booming soundtrack. Enjoy.. Be safe out there

HumanityCritic's DJ Premier Barbecue Playlist
(All tracks produced by DJ Premier of course)

Deposit Files

1: KRS-ONE - "Krs-one Attacks"(Intro)
2: Gangstarr - "All 4 The Cash"
3: Macy Gray feat Guru & Mos Def - "I've Committed Murder"
4: Rah Digga - "Lessons Of Today"
5: Nas - "New York State of Mind"
6: The Lox - "Recognize"
7: Buckshot Lefonque - "Breakfast @ Dennys"
8: D'angelo feat AZ - "Lady"
9: Gangstarr feat Nice & Smooth - "Dwyck"
10: Royce da 5'9 - "Boom"
11: KRS-One - "MC's Act Like They Don't Know"
12: Jeru the Damaja - "Come Clean"
13: Gangstarr - "Just To Get a Rep"
14: Jay-Z - "D'Evils"
15: Gangstarr feat M.O.P - "Half & Half"
16: Gangstarr - "BYS"
17: Nas - "Memory Lane"
18: Rakim - "When I Be On The Mic"
19: Gangstarr - "Code of the Streets"
20: Notorious B.I.G - "Unbelievable"
21: Mos Def - "Mathematics"
22: D'angelo - "Devils Pie"
23: Nas - "Nas Is Like"
24: Showbiz and AG - "Next Level"
25: Notorious B.I.G - "Ten Crack Commandments"
26: Bahamadia - "True Honey Buns"
27: Gangstarr - "Check the Technique"
28: Royce da 5'9 - "Hip Hop"
29: M.O.P - "Downtown Swinga 95'"
30: Crooklyn Dodgers '95 - "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers"
31: KRS-One - "Outta Here"
32: Jay-Z - "So Ghetto"
33: Janet Jackson - "Together Again"
34: Nas - "2nd Childhood"
35: Notorious B.I.G - "Kick in the Door"
36: Bahamadia - "3 Tha Hard Way"
37: Craig David feat Mos Def - "7 Days"
38: Gangstarr - "Full Clip"
39: Torae feat Skyzoo - "Click"
40: Pitch Black - "Its all Real"
41: Cee-Lo Green - "Evening News"
42: Christina Aguilera - "Thank You"(Outro)


shani said...

I guess you ain't bullshitting,huh?

Brother OMi said...

ah, some classic joints here. i might not even make it past track 7, i would keep rewinding... lol

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

Belvedere said...

Let's see if this link gets HC out of the post-Vibe funk