Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Janelle Monáe feat Big Boi: “Tight Rope”

I can't front, when I first heard that Janelle Monae went to Bad Boy I was convinced that the Kansas City native was signing her career death warrant. Bad Boy has been a proverbial Bermuda Triangle for artists over the past few years. Sean Combs has been the human embodiment of the "Rogue" character in "X-Men", only his touch effortlessly sucks the creative life and career aspirations out of people. I feared that Janelle Monae would just be another notch in Combs' Chewbacca sized "artists I clumsily mishandled" belt. Well, with a May 18th release date in stone, and what I've heard thus far - maybe I'm wrong. Jesus, I hope so.