Thursday, May 22, 2008

Was Obama ever going to get the Archie Bunker vote?(

(originally posted at on 5/14/08)

Early this morning, mere hours after Barack Obama's blowout defeat in West Virginia, I uncharacteristically sat in front of my overpriced television set with a bowl of "Total" cereal and watched the movie "Juno" for the first time. Usually I wouldn't get within a square mile of a tasteless cereal with the sex appeal of a forceful kick to the groin, but being that I suddenly have a desire to see my penis once again, and my girlfriend words "every inch counts honey" haunting my every thought - I've found myself giving up late-night snacking in the name of a thinner waistline and people no longer asking me if I have a thyroid problem. As for "Juno", a lighthearted 2007 comedic romp about teen pregnancy(only Hollywood could glamorize such topics), I solely decided to force myself to watch that movie to see what all the fuss was about - solely to avoid the morning news shows with nonsensical coverage where Hillary Clinton talking points about her West Virginia win would get clumsily get regurgitated ad nauseum. After seeing of all the anecdotal evidence coming out of West Virginia suggesting that the good people of that state put their kids to sleep at night to the soothing sounds of "Mississippi Burning", I just wanted to avoid hearing some pundit asking, "Why is Barack Obama having such a hard time with working class whites?" Which forces me to ask, In terms of West Virginia, when exactly was Obama ever going to get the Archie Bunker vote anyway?(Read more here)


Yemanja said...

I have been asking myself over and over why reporters have been tiptoeing around the obvious factor of racism in guiding the "white working class" vote. Many "low information voters" had all the information they needed when they misread his name as Osama and saw his brown skin.
P.S. I lost it at McCain the sex guru.

Nas Dawud said...

Of course he was never going to get that vote.

but the show is just getting started. Because much of the latent racism that lurks below is about to blasting out like a long idled volcano.