Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Johnson&Jonson "Up All Night"

You know that a song is pretty good when you completely forget what you were doing before the tune started. Moments after witnessing my old man snatched from the mortal coil, to this day I can still hear that flat-lining sound in my quietest moments, tears still racing down my face from uncontrollable sobbing - A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" came on my car radio and I proceeded to enthusiastically rap every MC's part. For a brief moment I forgot why I was balling like an adolescent. One of my first girlfriends had the audacity to break up with me the same day Public Enemy's "It takes a Nation of Millions.." came out - after two days of completely dissecting and devouring that work of art, I vaguely remember having a conversation with my girlfriend about how much of an asshole I was and some other guy she had met.

The other day my Aunt wanted me to talk to my 20 year old cousin about his excessive marijuana use, which I sort of found odd, because that's sort of like asking Gary Busey to counsel someone about their peculiar behavior. It was obvious that my mothers sister had exhausted all other options. Anyway, I went over to his apartment with my best 80's era, Nancy Reagan-esque anti-drug rhetoric - despite the fact that I had to smoke a fatty before even engaging in such a hypocritical endeavor. When I got there, Johnson&Jonson's "Up All Night" played the background - moments later we were sharing a tightly rolled joint while waxing poetic about Hip Hop. It took an entire day for me to remember what my original agenda for that day was.

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Anonymous said...

once again, you've put me on. keep it comin.