Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nutty Black Conservative Watch

For the longest time I thought the absolute worst of Black Conservatives, until a few of my conservative brothers and sisters sat me down and very thoughtfully and thoroughly broke down the reasons why they were in facr=t conservatives. Even though the civil discourse that day did nothing in terms of swaying me politically, I respected what they had to say - and I felt that my lifelong assumption that every republican with melanin were nothing but shuffling Uncle Toms was an awfully unfair, kneejerk assessment. But after witnessing the gutter tactics of a McCain campaign that toiled in dogwhistle politics, the foaming at the mouth racists at Palin rallies where cries of "Kill Him" started to become old hat, I couldn't see how any self respecting black person, republican or not, could support such a ticket. But many still did, and many still continue to completely co-sign extremely questionable G.O.P tactics and those of the extreme fringe that make me seriously rethink my conservative induced epiphany that I had with those reasonable black conservatives. So every now and then I will document viral lunacy, nutty as squirrel shit black republicans with youtube accounts. This is the first installment of "Nutty Black Conservative Watch"

"The Gilberts"

I know it would be rather unseemly for me to attack children on this blog, that's why I have no intention of doing so, my target today is the father of the children in this video - a man named Bruce Gilbert(seen at 2:27 of this video). Because I'm a glutton for punishment(I have a habit of trolling youtube and twitter for garden variety hatred), I've been aware of this family of seven from Easton, Pennsylvania for more than a year now. My problem with Mr. Gilbert isn't that he's a black conservative, my problem with him is that its obvious by the all the clumsy edits and his children referencing The Employee Free Choice Act and Saul Alinski of all people - that he is forcing his twisted politics down his the impressionable throats of his kids. To use his kids in that manner is pure cowardice. Hell, giving their youtube page a quick lookover will have you openly wondering where in the hell social services are. You'll find everything from the disturbing, like Bruce making his kids wade into birtherism, to just sheer pettiness. Shit, under the "favorites" section of their youtube page they actually have an interview with that dipshit who carried a gun at that New Hampshire townhall speech. Jesus Christ man. I view self hating black people of Mr. Gilbert's magnitude the same way I view most strippers: There had to have been some extremely painful event or lack of love that has turned them into the person they are today. I'm suddenly forced to quote Nas in "Ether": "Were you abused as a child, scared to smile, they called you ugly?"

Anyway, the video above is Mr. Gilbert forcing his kids to clumsily celebrate the fact that their school district decided not to screen Obama's extremely scary "stay in school" message. Nutty Fucking Black Conservatives indeed.


BLESSD1 said...

The most ironic part is that in doing whatever he could to ensure that his kids didn't hear President Obama's message, he actually did to them the same thing that conservatives ham-fistedly accused President Obama of trying to do; indoctrinized them with his self-hating rhetoric. I wish Gilbert luck, b/c when his daughters get slapped with the harsh realities of life, especially those perpetrated by the whites he so dearly loves and bows before, he's going to have a hell of a time keeping them off of the pole and out of clear heels.

Jill said...

Just the other day my husband and I were discussing the fact that we seem to have fallen into the pitfall that so many parents do: redoing their childhoods by living vicariously through their children.

In our case it's not telling our son to stop taking so many advanced courses, he's twelve for fuck's sake, and needs to stop doing homework and go out and play. Just because we were smart too, and bored to tears (and later, joints and cutting class)is no reason to allow our child to rule the home by way of condemning us all to endless study, help of study, quiet while studying... seriously, give it a damn rest and play Wii.

I would never, in a million freaking years, put my child on YouTube and having him regurgitate my ideas for the masses to contemplate or oh I don't know, seek out my child to abduct him because I'm a freaky asshole.

Where are protective services indeed?