Monday, November 16, 2009

Glenn Nye: Not exactly a profile in courage

(This was written early last week, but a power outage due to the Nor'easter is why I'm posting it now)

Remember that scene in "Goodfellas" when Jimmy(Robert DeNiro) excitedly called to hear how Tommy's(Joe Pesci) ceremony where he was being "made" went, only to get the unexpected news that his childhood friend had met an untimely demise? The dismissively casual nature of the person on the other end of that phone call has always stuck with me, I can't tell you how many times I've uttered the words "He's gone, and we couldn't do nothing about it" in a rather deadpan manner to the girlfriend of some insufferable douchebag that I had just put on the business end of a merciless beating. I was reminded of that scene in "Goodfellas" two weeks ago when I called Glenn Nye's office to find out how he intended to vote for the health care Bill in the House. Immediately I was told, without the receptionist at Glenn Nye's office even doing what I feel would be the bare minimum and explaining the rhyme or reason behind his decision, that my state representative was voting against Health Care reform. I guess the news of my state representative blatantly betraying his constituents would have been easier to take if it wasn't delivered with such arrogant indifference, I'm still convinced that she was literally shrugging while informing me of his "no" vote. I'm willing to bet good money, dough that would have otherwise gone to my weed dealer and various handjob professionals, that my sound political advice that a "no" vote would guarantee Mr. Nye a primary challenger was purposely being ignored while cuticles were being taken care of and polish was being applied. I've historically been an insensitive lover who desperately loathes post coital conversation, so I know what condescending silence sounds like.

What's really troubling about Glenn Nye's vote is that he ran as an anti-war candidate against a horrible right winger(Thelma Drake) who voted with Bush 98% of the time - I can concede that voting for Health Care reform may be tough politically, but the pitchforks wouldn't exactly be out for Glenn Nye if he voted for it. Also, we all know from our childhood experiences that acquiescing to bullies still gives you fist marks in your chest and prostate puncturing wedgies - the right wing will still paint you as a tax and spend liberal who adores the Kenyan in the White House. But a "No" vote doesn't make sense, the republicans still attack you while your base sits on their hands because of your abject cowardice.

I should have seen this coming though. Right after Glenn Nye was elected he claimed that the President being at the top of the ticket didn't help him get elected because Obama didn't win his particular district. Its tortured logic like that that should have let me in on who Glenn Nye really is, my most regrettable vote to date.


NatashaJ said...

Interesting post. I wondered what people did in areas where their elected officials didn't represent their interests. I kept getting e-mails to "contact your representative and tell them to support health care reform" but all mine already did. I thought about calling one in another state, but I likely would have been met with the same arrogant indifference you received, only more so due to not being a voter in their area. As Bill Maher said, "How about listening to the 65% of the country that's not nuts?"

BLESSD1 said...

At least you guys aren't dealing with Mary Landrieu's capitulation, acquiescing, won't-get-reelected-if-she-fuqs-this-up ass.

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Let's see on it from politcal science point of view....My opinion is that it all comes down to raw political power, pride in everybody's political philosophy, individualism or socialism, and whether one should depend on government or free markets, not who is right and who is wrong.
There is always something which irritates at least one side.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, a comment from 4 & a half months later.

Interesting to note that on Thursday, March 12th, Nye came out with a highly-publicized announcement about the restoration of funds for "MyCAA".

I detect a bit of legislative "horse-trading" here...and a possible "YES" vote on reconciliation.