Thursday, September 16, 2004

The lost art of smacking the shit out of someone

Last night, I went out with my good friend Danny and his wife's friend Doug. Danny and I have been friends since we were both twelve years old, he is a great guy and a good friend. Granted, I am probably his only black friend. Come to think about it I am probably his only "democrat" friend. We are polar opposites when it comes to our politics, but I don't get mad at him because our friendship is stronger than political beliefs, and I chalk up his support for Bush as simply "misguided". Danny is safe from my wrath because I know he has a good heart, but anyone else will catch a verbal beatdown. This is where "Doug" comes in.

Doug is a guy that Danny hates because in his words, "He is a douchebag". Danny has a point, he is the kind of guy that just rubs you the wrong way, you know the type. But Danny's wife had insisted that we bring Doug along. Last night we had all gone out to play pool and drink a few beers. I try to avoid getting into political discussions while drinking because I can get quite animated, but tonight was an exception. Doug asked me, "So James, what do you think about Bush?". I replied, "I think he is a incompetent illiterate, who is ruining this country". Doug looked pissed and said, "Don't disrespect my president!! Clinton was a disaster!! What did Clinton do!!??" This seems to be the only response from republicans, never to list any Bush accomplishments and somehow find a way to blame Clinton. So I stated, in a way that only a certified asshole like myself could, the following,"15 million working families enjoyed tax relief under Clinton! More than a million children benefited when Clinton more than doubled federal funding for child care.! Clinton increased funding for the Head Start program by 90 percent so 880,000 children had a better chance to learn and grow. Clinton forced the minimum wage up from $4.25 to $5.15 per hour and demanded an increase to $6.15.! Clinton's AmeriCorps gave 150,000 young the opportunity to serve in their communities while earning money for college or skills training.! The poverty rate feel from 15.1 percent to 12.7 percent. The African-American poverty rate dropped from 33.1 percent to 26.1 percent. African-American unemployment fell from 14.2 percent to 7.3 percent." Then I said, "What were you saying about Clinton being a disaster?"

Then I asked, "What has Bush done?" He gave me the classic republican response, "He has made America safer". I told him that I find that sentiment odd since "9/11 happened on his watch!!". He tried to say the economy was good, but I cut him off with this rant.."Under Bush: A million jobs lost. A thousand soldiers lost. 1.4 million new people living below the poverty line.1.2 million less people covered by health insurance. A seventeen percent Medicare increase. Health care costs skyrocketing.The tax burden increasing amongst the middle class. This president is a nightmare, how could you support him. Doug, for Christ sake, you live in a motherfucking trailer!! You should be the last person voting for Bush. Are you fucking kidding me?" He then retreated, saying that it was getting too personal and that is why he doesn't get into political discussions. But his retreat was because he didn't have a response for anything I said, and it made me respect him even less(if that is possible) that he would be a bitch about it.

I haven't been in a fight in years, and being that I am 31 years old I am too old to be "throwing hands" with anyone. But last night, discussing politics with that jackass, it made me reminisce about the good old days when smacking the shit out of someone was a great way of getting your point across.


Liberal Killer said...
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The Humanity Critic said...

" are a pussy and all those things you listed how is even one of those bush's fault name one thing he did ?"

Everything I posted is his fault, you dickless bastard. Try reading, you inbred hick..

"he inherited that shit from your pussy saxaphone playing faggot president."

Clinton left Bush with record surplussd that our crackhead president pissed away. What a imbecile..

"just name one thing Bush put into effect that caused all that shit ?"

Tax cuts, lies about Iraq, rasing health care rates. What didn't he do??

"and heres another real fact clinton had the chance to nab osama.."

Another lie from a certified douchebag. In the 9/11 report they totally debunk the notion that Clinon had a chance to get OPsama. How about the Clinton administration warning the Bush administration about bin Laden and him doing absolutely nothing. That's what I thought..

"we got him here ya go" Clinton"

again, you are repeating the same lie. Try getting Rush Limbaughs cock out of your mouth..

"that old addage that I used earlier"

The one where you said its better to swallow thanh spit??

"(and typing bullshit blogs full of bullshit accusations that you cant prove isnt doing shit)"

But you are posting here, which means that I am pissing you off, which means that I am doing my job. How stupid do you feel?

"you think hes doing such a bad job ? I didnt see your name on the ballot!"

I didn't see Superman's name either, but a fictional superhero would of been a better choice than George "Dumbya" Bush..

"and since you aint doing shit about it shut the fuck up about it!"

Nope. Stay tune as I ritualistically backhand Bush daily on my blog. Sad shit, there isn't a motherfucking thing you can do about it..hahaha

"maybe you think cause your black people will fear you but Ill beat a nigger to the ground then curb his ass.."

You won't do shit but get your silly ass handed to you. We should meet, what's your adderess?? I mean, you think you can beat my ass why don't you prove it.. That's what I thought. Because you know, that if we ever met, I would break your jaw and piss in your mouth. Thoughts?

"I dont need to reminisce about beating someones ass for as you put it being a douchbag.. I will do it."

You can't reminisce about it because you have never won a fight. Listen, it is evident in your blog that your mother sell her ass for rent money, and your father sneaks in your room and gives you a meat injection. But, because this is my blog, you will always lose..LOL Take that jackass..

piranha said...


you should put this into a post. really. it d be sad if it wasn't that funny

jameil1922 said...

wow.... at the comment....

but at the post, you're joking right? doug can't live in a trailer and be a republican. is that even allowed?

Jams said...

Ahhh...lookie lookie lookie at the gems I find when I'm bored at work..

Even though I 'dont watch tv, or go to the movies or know anything remotely current about politics' , lol

you have articulated a few of the reasons why this whole Bush era is a disaster and I truly feel bad for the guy coming after him, if he really wants to change things up.