Monday, December 24, 2007

Barack Obama: "What's Beef??"(

One thing I've noticed about myself over the tenure of my existence, outside of the fact that I've historically sought out eyebrow-raising porn titles like "Dyslexic Asian Midgets", and my unsavory penchant for saying insensitive things like "Come on, the N*gga wasn't exactly Malcolm X!" after recently reading an article entitled "The Last Days of Pimp C" - is how I constantly keep a running tab of the disgruntled gentleman hoping to one day snatch me from the mortal coil. I'm a firm believer that life just isn't worth living if your head isn't always on a proverbial swivel, believe me - nothing makes a person feel more alive than anticipating an impromptu physical attack while very innocently going about your day. Since I'm not on the Christmas Card list of people ranging from local sub-par rappers whom I happened to be brutally honest with, husbands of the wives that I've consensually sodomized against my muscle car, and random gentlemen that I sucker-punched for disrespecting the God Rakim - lets just say that I've found the fountain of youth, without wading in the murky "Cocoon" pool water with Wilford Brimley that is.(Read more here)


Jonzee said...

Speaking of Hilary's ill-advised attempts at shoring up a lead...Bob Kerrey, currently the president of my Grad School Alma Mater is a damn nut job and is clearing pandering for a way into the White House.

Don't be surprised if Mr Obama comes out as the clear front runner and his fool ass and cohorts all start talking about how "refreshing" Mr. Obama is.

nofrillz said...

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Rose said...

Someone asked me if Barack made the nomination would I vote for him, hell yes! At that point, why wouldn't I? I think he just might make it too. Though winning, I'm not sure.

Epsilonicus said...

I like Obama. He is very optimistic and I like that attitude. I just do not trust Hillary. She is sneaky.

I have a question unrelated to the article. Do you like the LOX?? What is your opinion? I saw this article on about their performance and you would have thought that Jesus had returned. I am just curious to know what you think.

Jaesoreal said...

I have been volunteering for Obama since the summer and I agree with you 100% about Hillary making me like Obama even more, Bill not being the first "black" president. Great points about the civil rights leaders. I feel like they have betrayed what they stand for. The Congressional Black Caucus should be dismantled when you have half the people supporting Hillary as opposed to a fellow member. Not saying blacks have to support blacks but what's the point in having that group if you can't back each other? I have also heard black folks complaining saying stuff like he should have been leading the march down in Jena and other crazy comments. People acting like he is running for President of an HBCU or something!