Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Barry Bonds, the perfect Hip Hop Metaphor(Vibe.com)

I sincerely can't explain it, maybe its exposing another one of my character flaws outside of my penchant for kicking women out of my residence the millisecond after I ejaculate - but if my memory serves me correctly, I have always openly rooted for the bad guy. My childhood was spent wondering why none of the residents of Sesame Street ever chin-checked Big Bird on general principle, hoping that Brutus would defeat Popeye at least one time - with a woman who makes Kate Moss look like she has a food addiction being the ultimate prize. Shit, I can't tell you how many times I desperately hoped that the Roadrunner would be too slick for his own good, accidentally blow himself up with one of Wile E. Coyote's dynamite sticks - with the closing scene consisting of the Coyote mercilessly dining on charred bird remains like it was Thanksgiving dinner at a soup kitchen.(Read more here)


shani said...

I think you should replace Ciara with Rihanna.

The Humanity Critic said...

You are right, thanks..

BK red said...

i have to disagree with you here. i don't think that the intense scrutiny and criticism of barry bonds is primarily due to racism. when jason giambi was being investigated for the same thing and ultimately admitted to the charges, people were all over him. he was really crucifed in the media. my opinion is that most people hate a cheat and they hate a liar even more. i respected giambi tremendously for admitting the truth. it's about time these overpaid babies face the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

The scrutiny that Barry Bonds is going through has racism spelled all over it - the Jason Giambi parallel pretty much explains it, they weren't trying to make him the poster-boy for steroids that they are making Bonds to be. Besides, we don't hear much about Giambi any more - we hear about Bonds daily.


Bk red said...

giambi is not the franchise player that bonds is. and he ADMITTED that he used performance enhancing drugs. bonds continues to deny it, which we all know is a lie. that's why people continue to trash him. but go ahead... believe what you want. i think there are bigger, more important fights to fight out there.

Anonymous said...

A Day after the Mitchell report came out, and whose name is up front and center? Roger Clemens. What have we been hearing from most of the sports pundits? Excuses, pleas that we should wait until we label him a cheater, smearing the names of the accusers. With Clemens, the "..but Bonds is a franchise player" gets pummelled, and we are seeing the difference in treatment at this early stage. Fully supporting HumanityCritic's point.


BK red said...

roger clemens' name is front & center because prior to the report, he had not been discussed as much as others (giambi, mcgwire, canseco, bonds, sosa). bonds is a hitter; clemens is a pitcher. i think they're more inclined to go after the big hitters than the pitchers. also, clemens' name was mentioned 82 times in mitchell's report, while bonds' name was mentioned 103 times. now, it's a close race, but clearly bonds is the leader here. and as far as i can tell, the reaction to this report has ranged from boredom to extreme outrage.

i predict there will be major consequences for the star players mentioned (no hall of fame for clemens?). barry bonds comes across as a jerk (at least to me) and continues to deny the truth. clemens appears to be taking the same route, so he deserves to suffer the same consequences.

i have been saying all along that steroids was rampant in baseball for a while. this is not shocking. on the other hand, do people like bonds and clemens deserve to hold records when other players who have done well without PEDs have been underappreciated? i think not.

why don't we focus as much attention on other injustices in the real world, like economic inequalities and sexism (violent crimes against women, etc.)? i can't spare much sympathy for people like bonds, vick and clemens, whose stupid decisions have landed them in a difficult spot. there are far more innocent people facing bigger problems.

sorry for the book. last comment.

Anonymous said...

Roger Clemens' name has been whispered about for years, the difference is that the media was responsible about not speculating about him without proof. Unlike Bonds. The hitter/pitcher argument is pretty flimsy, cheating is cheating, especially when you consider that the report named 32 pitchers.

Also, it would make a difference if Bonds was named one million times, him and Clemens are both equally accused of using steroids. The difference is, media members have all of a sudden felt inclined to report "responsibly" when it comes to Clemens. A luxury that was never afforded Bonds.