Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Man, FUCK Ron Paul!(

It never fails. Every time some buddy of mine waxes poetic about some new girlfriend of his, making it seem as if she utters nothing but Winston Churchill quotables, and resembles Sade back in the days when the leading men in her videos were predominately Eurotrash - what I usually find is a woman that I actually lose I.Q points just standing besides, who would be a shoe-in for the role of "Sloth" if they ever decide to make a "Goonies" sequel. The same thing goes for music as well, hearing someone carry on about some Hip Hop group that they absolutely adore is nothing but a recipe for disaster - a delectable dish that I mercilessly devour as soon as I sample the artists music and realize that I've heard more ear-pleasing bowel movements in my day. For the past 6 months, my email inbox has been inundated with questions from my loyal readers concerning Ron Paul - they either asked my overall feelings about his candidacy or whether I planned to support him or not. Being that most of my correspondence with readers either consists of me trying to score some online booty, or chopping it up with a reader about some miscellaneous Hip Hop group - the last thing on my agenda was Ron Paul, primarily because I've never been in the business of throwing my vote in the proverbial circular file. But having done some research on the Texas Congressman, I finally have a clear opinion of the politician:(Read more here)

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arse poetica said...

This has my vote for Best Blog Post Title of the Year. (Also, yes. Agreed. He's not worthy to lick Barbara Jordan's shoe, so he's welcome to STFU now.)