Monday, August 18, 2008

Classic David Shuster

Someone give this guy his own show already. This is a clip of David Shuster completely eviscerating two PUMA hacks, you know the Hillary Dead-enders who still refuse to support Obama because of some phantom plot by the DNC to steal the nomination away from Hillary. Anyway, the clumsy performance by Darragh Murphy and Will Bower proves what I've been saying all along - that these miserable knuckle-draggers are either closet racists, or worse, Republicans.


Belvedere said...

The only proof I needed that they were mis-guided individuals was them going on Hardball and thinking they weren't about to get the royal smackdown treatment. He went home and fucked his wife and felt like he fucked them better in that interview. AND he was probably right.

Ty said...

The only way that clip could've been better is if these hacks were being grilled by Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann. David Shuster shut them down on each and every point, and exposed them for the Operation Chaos operatives that they are.

Justice4Claire said...

I saw him described as the nerdy guy who everyone cheats against in dungeons and dragons and she struck me as ann coulter in drag in need of some fiber to help her go. what a miserable lot and who are they kidding with their hag pal de Rothschild in Martha's Vineyard -- the only black men they are ok with are ones who bring their cars around and/or buss their tables, phoney whitebread shits acting like concerned citizens