Monday, August 11, 2008

Jay Smooth - "Obama's Ludacris Issue"

Jay Smooth pretty much nails it.. I expressed similar sentiments here, but undoubtedly my blog brethren broke it down a lot better than I did.


TOPolk said...

Agreed. Not much else to add here. I think my man pretty much nailed it.

DvusRai said...

I see your point & i agree. In the past I felt that Luda did nothing wrong with his song "politics as ususal." Now i understand where every1 is coming from that expressed disdain at Luda's song. Im just done with those on the left always backing down to the right, because taking the moral high road is the right thing to do. Fuck dat! Its time we bring a big ass gun to a knife fight. We need to break the facist right's back once and for all. I now understand that Luda's song doesnt help, but its a nice theme song to play when you are going upside a republicans head.