Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey Bill, "Jesse Jackson" my ass...

When I think about my current obsession with cable news, I now understand the kind of dilemma regular gossip magazine readers are faced with - the inner turmoil of knowing that something is complete and utter horseshit and still feeling compelled to indulge. The regurgitated talking points, the nonsensical political analysis from people who have been in politics longer than I've been alive, how pundits continuously swear by historically unreliable polls as if they were the absolute gospel - despite all that, I still find myself watching and admittedly feeling dirty afterwards, like sleeping with a woman's hideous friend for the sole purpose of giving your buddy a clear pathway to vaginal glory. But despite my lack of confidence in the news media, its pretty easy to wade through the muck and mire that is political punditry depending on the source - for example, take MSNBC. Chris Matthews' hyperbolic diatribes force viewers to take whatever he says with a gigantic grain of salt. Pat Buchanan, the Jim Kelly of political talking heads, almost sounds convincing as he tries to come across as objectively criticizing Barack Obama - if he didn't feel that Martin Luther King was a "divisive figure" and once characterize the Southern Strategy as a "good idea" that is. Not to mention the smorgasbord of "Democratic Strategists" brought out to give an objective assessment of the presidential race who always seem to curiously expose themselves as Clinton apologists. I get it, I have no problem with people who proudly wear their respective agenda's on their sleeves akin to that gossip magazine reader who doesn't mind some editor leaving their journalistic integrity at the door as they publish a story about a Midwestern housewife giving birth to a litter of kittens.

But what I don't particularly appreciate is when a journalist/pundit eagerly tries to mask their clear agenda with a rather hacky feigned concern for the person said agenda is against - enter Craig Crawford. This guy is basically a white Jason Whitlock, presenting himself as a "I don't have a dog in this fight", "Breath of fresh air" media contrarian posing as the sole voice of reason among thousands of opinion givers - but if you look close enough you see that Crawford's agenda is a self-serving one, being a camouflaged Clinton shill. This man has been on cable more than hotel porn as of late, either petulantly complaining that the media is to blame for the national narrative that the Clinton campaign injected race or claiming that Obama injected a racial element by simply having Oprah stump for him - charges that I find both clumsily ham-fisted and psychotically delusional. I mean, as much as the Hillary's campaign is nicknamed "The Clinton Machine", a well oiled 30 year apparatus that supposedly crushes all those who dare impede its progress, an organizational stronghold with a second-to-none ground game and political loyalties lasting for decades - you mean to tell me that she was unable to control what came out the collective mouths of her surrogate's? Bill Shaheen, Bob Kerrey, Bob Johnson, Mark Penn, Andrew Cuomo, Charlie Rangel - if you think all of these unfortunate comments weren't all masterfully orchestrated to turn Barack Obama in the "black candidate", either you are conveniently naive or conveniently on the fucking payroll. Mr. Crawford, I prefer the latter.

But the smoking gun to how criminally lame Craig Crawford is happened more than a week ago when you tried to explain away the video posted above, where an unprompted Bill Clinton out of nowhere blurted out "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here." - he claimed that Clinton was just "stating a historical fact", but the "fact" that he didn't cite John Edwards(a person who won South Carolina but failed to be the nominee) and chose to use Jackson as a reference is pretty telling. Dude, you're just embarrassing yourself now.

Oh Bill, by the way, Jackson never broke the 20 percent ceiling in terms of the white vote when he was running - but I want to quote this piece for you: "Even if you don't count Obama's caucus victories in Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, and North Dakota, he shattered his previous white-vote ceiling in 11 other states. In eight states, he crossed the 40 percent threshold. In Connecticut, he tied Clinton among whites. In California, he beat her. In Utah and Illinois, he won commanding majorities." So, for lack of better phrasing, you can shove that Jesse Jackson shit up your ass.


Jonzee said...

See, then yo'ass had to go and get a girlfriend!

I love it..."you can shove that Jesse Jackson shit..."

I want a freaking T shirt!

BLESSD1 said...

WOW...Now HC, tell him how you really feel! LOL! Man...that is another great post!

Joel McDonald said...

I think "The Clinton Machine", as Dubya would say, "misunderestimated" the strength of Senator Obama and the campaign that he's been able to put together right under their noses. Seriously, if people would realize how much of an uphill battle it's been for the Obama campaign to get to where they are now, in competition with a machine that's been in gear since at least Clinton's election to the Senate, they wouldn't think twice about Obama's ability to lead and get things done.