Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My daily attempt to resurrect Hip Hop: Black Sheep: "Similak Child"

Besides putting my porn stash in an undisclosed location, burning all the paraphernalia left behind by past girlfriends, and parking my car in the garage for the first few months of my relationship so some irrelevant fling wouldn't stop by unexpectedly - the one essential thing I forgot to do was to erase women out of my cell phone. I bring this up because when my phone rang the other day and Black Sheep's "Similak Child" came on, the old lady asked me who it was - so I told her it was a 22 year old chick who I considered underachieving on top of, way before I met her. Intrigued, she asked, "What other ring tones have you given women?" As we both scrolled through my phone, we stumbled on the EPMD posse cut "Headbanger" designated for a woman whose only marketable skill was fellatio, some random Lauryn Hill song played when this woman with a shitload of kids called - and also a random Meshell Ndegeocello song was for a chick who loved the ladies as much as I do.

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josie said...

hmm, the ringtones that i would have set. my phone is basically on vibrate. so if i dont answer, my lie is that i aint hear it.