Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama throws Rev. Wright under the Bus..

..he had to. After the "youtube clips heard around the world" from Reverend Wright, in the Philadelphia speech, Obam successfully walked the tightrope of distancing himself from the remarks of his former pastor and not disowning the father figure who had introduced him to Christianity. Just as he had done when Keith Olbermann asked him a debate question about Barry Bonds where he refused to take the politically easy route and appease white folks by dissing the shit out of #25, just how he has done by admitting to being a Hip Hop fan despite widespread generalizations about an artform that involves two turntables and a microphone - he could have easily denounced Wright, it was the politically feasible thing to do, but he didn't. Now, with Reverend Wright's recent press tour, as it seems to be, saying things that can sink Obama politically like AIDS being invented to kill black folks or that Obama was being a standard politician when he distanced himself from Wright's original remarks - he was left with no choice but to not only throw what it seems to be an arrogant egomaniac with his own agenda under the bus, but to also roll back over him a few times for good measure.

I'm not sure if there will be a backlash from black folks, but what we have to remember is that Barack Obama is running for president of the United States and not your local fucking Moose lodge. Whether it was the black people who claimed that Obama was pandering too much to the white electorate, or the people who will probably be upset with him because he came out against his old pastors misguided ramblings - in both cases, grow the fuck up, he is running for President of The United States you toothless fucking rubes. With the chips already stacked against him, the least anyone associated with him with a shred of common sense could do was to stay on message. How hard is that exactly? My old man always told me that if I was going to be successful in this life that I had to work twice as hard as my white counterpart, I'd assume that a black man running for president has to not only be twice as smart as everyone else - but also 20 times as clean(politically) as well. So I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who can't grasp the groundbreaking moment in which we are approaching, and if someone can't keep their fucking mouth - record a scathing dis record, I mean, hold a press conference.

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Say Yeah said...

I am very familiar with Dr. Wright; I attend the school through which he sponsored Monday's event, VUU.

So, we knew this was coming when we found out about two years ago that Obama was a member @ his church.

The question we had a month ago when the story finally broke was, is Wright going to be able to shun the spotlight and let Obama distance himself. For awhile he surprised us by being surprisingly quiet, then he proved us right all in one weekend. A resounding no!