Friday, July 18, 2008

Kevin Smith Protesting his own movie

I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan, "Clerks" is the sole reason that I tell my female friends to include the dicks they've sucked in any "all the guys I've been with" list they plan to recite to some hapless sap during pillow talk , as a guy who has gotten laid in a church confessional, "Dogma" is just the elixir that ails this deviant catholic boy, "Chasing Amy" is the movie that reinforced my "Ignorance is bliss" stance in terms of your mates sexual history. So, suffice it to say, I always find his "Evening with Kevin Smith" DVD's to be highly entertaining, with him basically on stage taking questions from fans. He's tackled everything from casting choices, his strange experience with Prince inside of Paisley Park as he shot a documentary that has never seen the light of day, how he was commissioned to write the first draft of the "Superman" script and all the horseshit ideas that were thrown his way, even the intimate details about the first time he had sex with his wife involving a healthy dose of dry humping and a scab on his penis. As somewhat of a story teller myself, I always wondered about the validity of some of his stories, but this video of him picketing his own movie is a story that has proven to be factual

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