Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jaysmooth: "Hip-Hop Wargames: Ransom vs. Budden"

Via JSmooth

Jsmooth is definitely on point with this video. Coming from a guy who has championed senseless violence for as long as I can remember, its really saying something if even I feel that the fuckery between Joe Budden and Randsom was getting out of hand. That said, and I'm not trying to give anyone any ideas here - but if someone went beyond the call of duty and not only smacked a civilian but said innocent party was my brother, I'd have to respectfully ignore Joe Budden's peace treaty and beat seven shades of shit off of the aforementioned slaphappy coward. But then again that's just me, the asshole.

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Hill Rat said...

Too bad Fiddy didn't take this advice.