Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh Campbell, just shut the fuck up

Listen, I like Campbell Brown, she really seems to be finding her voice on a cable news channel littered with utterly forgettable personalities that I couldn't pick out a police line-up. More times than not I found myself nodding in agreement as she articulated something that I may have thought about a thousand times before - but she completely missed the mark here. Since last weeks press conference where President-Elect Obama named Hillary Clinton Secretary Of State, the media seemed awkwardly obsessed with the fact that Obama quickly diffused a question concerning the contemptuous rhetoric between him and Hillary during the primary season - an obsession Ms. Brown obviously shares. The clueless petulance of the press in this case is rather giggle-worthy, "How dare he cavalierly disregard a question solely intended to cause him public discomfort?!!" Are you fucking kidding me? The same way its the media's job to ask fair and penetrating questions about a primary season that had our President-Elect constantly question the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton's foreign policy credentials, its also Obama's job to rather calmly brush that question off as if its a piece of lint on his black suit and keep it fucking moving. Ms. Brown's commentary is pretty transparent, she incorrectly characterizes Obama as annoyed when it is her who clearly feels that way. Jesus Christ, if this mild display of Obama's political jui jitsu is going to get her feathers ruffled in such a manner, I suggest that she invest in nothing but protective cups for the next 4 years.

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Jay Bird said...

Yeah, she definitely did mix up a commentary with her own personal transgression when she said Obama got annoyed.
And as far as the press responding to the important issues, they don't. I remember during the primaries a news story was about how Obama can't bowl well. Another story was about how Hillary's campaign spent a few thousand dollars on one Dunkin Donut run. Like she shouldn't buy some snacks for her team?

Most of these hack journalists are good at catching inconsistencies in rhetoric, because a little controversy always sells their story.
And I agree that we should hold Pres. Obama's feet to the fire, like we should hold every President's feet to the fire, but Campbell Brown is obviously a Hillary supporter and the current reality that Hill is going to be the SOS is too much for her to deal with.