Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jon Stewart takes CNBC to the woodshed

With his beadie eyes, misinformation, penchant for bullying the weak, and a hamfisted Eddie Haskell routine that has fooled many liberals - I never would have imagined that there would be a day when Joe Scarborough would pale in comparison in terms of cable news hackery. For the past two months it seems that CNBC has been the proverbial home of the conniption fit, most days I readily expect to turn to said channel only to find people running around screaming while pulling their fucking hair out. This is going to sound rich coming from a guy who once considered getting a blowjob from a friend's grandmother, but CNBC has been nothing but an utter embarrassment. From Rick Santelli's incoherent rant on the Mercantile floor, to him playing the professional victim when the White House decided to fight back - and all the other employees of that no account network tripping over themselves like Barney Fife on Crystal Meth defending that shitheel Santelli. But its not only him, it's people like Jim Cramer publicly berating Barack Obama on the economy as well. Not for nothing, but getting lectured from the likes of those two is like a person desperately trying to save their burning house while getting criticized by the arsonist. Get the fuck out of here. I can't forget about Maria Bartiromo on "Morning Joe" last week, throwing up her hands in frustration at Barack Obama and saying something in a petulant pout like "All he does is give press conferences!" before folding her arms like a teenage whining malcontent. Amateur hour indeed.

Somehow Jon Stewart was reading my thoughts because last night he went all in, ripping CNBC a new one. Someone had to. Bravo Jon.


Anonymous said...

I watched this last night and was just waiting for the clip so I could watch it again and post it on my site. It was brilliant. Those CNBC fucktards have been pissing me off for the last several weeks. I was hoping I'd see someone on Morning Joe bring this clip up because I really need to know what Jim Cramer's response is going to be. This fucker was telling people to be irresponsible and buy overpriced shit and we're supposed to listen to his advice on the economy? Give me a break.

TOPolk said...

I can't have any ill-will towards CNBC. In '05, I committed myself to learning more about the stock market and CNBC was a great resource. As a supplement to one's own knowledge, it's a great tool.

However, I do agree w/ the current sentiment. CNBC has lost a step recently. And while it's easy to blame everyone's financial losses on them, part of the responsibility does rest with the investor as well.

Rose said...

Stopping through to say hi. Don't watch CNBC and I see why.

Anonymous said...

4 those that dont know. CNBC so-called analyst are paid by the same companies they tell you 2 buy! How criminal is this? This whole financial meltdown is a scam. Why is noone in prison over this? How did bernie madoff steal $50 BILLION & get 2 keep his $60 million? & da fucker still aint in prison yet. But if i go out & buy a dimebag of weed, im looking @ 10 years. America wake up already.