Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does anyone remember this picture?

As someone who still nurses two bandaged dick beaters from all the hand-wringing I was doing during the Democratic Primaries, there are two lessons that I learned about our current President. 1) Never underestimate him. 2) Media memes about him are usually dead wrong. Look, I want a robust public option as much as the next guy - but the incessant hair pulling, hand-wringing histrionics, "the sky is falling" scenarios, adrenaline fueled melodrama - all of that shit isn't helping anyone. Ed Schultz basically called Barack Obama a pussy a couple of days ago. I love Rachel Maddow, but you could lubricate a car engine with the sarcastic smarmyness that oozed out of her body as she petulantly declared the Public Option "Dead". The same clumsy kneejerk defeatism came from Keith Olbermann as well, I'm just surprised that he didn't utter his go to line: "This isn't change we can believe in"(Thanks for the restraint Keith) Don't get it twisted, we should always hold this president accountable, no one is talking about giving him a blank check like the Republicans gave Bush. But the "I'm taking my ball and going home" approach people shamelessly display every time this president does something that they disagree with exposes both their immaturity and cowardice. Yesterday on twitter I recalled a conversation that I had with my mother where I said that Barack Obama was going to get "Ty Willingham-ed" - every solitary move that the man made would be hyperventilated over by friend and foe alike.

Look, a health care bill without the public option is not reform, there is no doubt about that in my mind. But I'm not going to scream my fucking tonsils out just because people at the White House gave themselves rhetorical wiggle room like most politicians do. Oh the horror.

Indulge me for a minute: Just think about how we're(yes, I fall victim to this too) always Retweeting stories about the obstructionist language of some prominent republican, or how the insurance companies have a certain democrat in their swollen pockets. We scream to the high heavens and give the White House our best "What the fuck" look. But do you think for a minute that they're unaware of what an utter dickhead Chuck Grassley is, or how Max Baucus is bought and paid for? Come on, of course they're aware of this. For all we know their penchant for acting as if the public option is in peril could just be another case of Obama's political jiu jitsu. A coordinated effort to whip up a base that has been plagued with complacency, and rile up all of the obstinate arm folders still pissed that the President hasn't addressing their pet issue fast enough. Who knows, we'll see. Until then, chill the fuck out already!


SenseiHollywood aka ThundaDan said...

I really hope this is a rope-a-ope maneuver...

I pounded the pavement for the O man until there was nothing but felons and repuglicans left in my precinct, I have a lot of faith in Obama, but historically Democrats have always pioneered new and innovative ways to fuck it up and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I hope you're right.

BLESSD1 said...

I think you're right. I think that now, the Democrats see that the Republicans won't agree to ANY kind of health-care reform, so they're going to have to go it alone...and I think our President will be fine with that. He TRIED to be bi-partisan, but w/the current fucks on the right, that just won't work. Fine. It'll just have to get done the old-school way.