Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Rotten Tomatoes Show

If you are as much of a movie nerd as I am, sometimes even quoting obscure movies in daily conversations and getting off on the fact that that person's mind is too feeble to ever expose you - for Christs sake check out The Rotten Tomatoes Show. Funny, informative, sarcastic - watching it is the closest you'll get to fucking Janeane Garofalo. If you have CurrentTv, it comes on every Thrursday at 10:30 PM Eastern time.


Rifat said...

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Neo Dobby said...

At The Movies has always been the classic movie-review show, but Rotten Tomatoes is definitely giving them a run for there $ now. The user-contribution aspect is cool, & the writing is always insightful & humorous. I've made the show once so far, & they've used 1 of my haikus