Sunday, January 09, 2005

House Negro of the Month..Armstrong Williams

There are many things that severely irritate me in this world. Things like Crunk Hip Hop, the existence of George Bush, girls who were once sexually promiscuous but now have found god but love to tell you how freaky they "were". Oh yeah, and Black Republicans. From time to time I will document many of these miserable bastards, so you will know who these people are when you see them. Like Chuck D said, "Every brother ain't a brother cause of color."

Full Disclosure: My personal feelings towards Armstrong Williams is that he is a Uncle Tom, and all around steaming pile of crap**

It has came out, through USA Today using the Freedom of Information Act to acquire the information, that Armstrong Williams was paid 240,000 dollars from the U.S Department of Education(Bush Administration) to promote the No Child Left Behind Act.

In exchange for payment, Williams was required to "regularly comment on the (initiative) during the course of his broadcasts" of his T.V show, "The Right Side", and to interview Education Secretary Rod Paige for TV and Radio advertisements that aired on his show in 2004. He was also "required" to encourage other black journalists to promote the law.

Williams, is a conservative pundit who has been a republican "yes massa House Negro" for years. He is famous for promoting Right Wing Ideologies and saying things that would inform black folks that he isn't in our corner.(To push his right wing agenda, in a round table discussion he claimed to never have seen racism first hand. Which is strange, especially since he comes from the deep south) I swear, when I hear him talk I keep expecting him to put on black face and break out in a Tapdance routine.

A newspaper quoted Williams as saying that while some might find the arrangement unethical, "I wanted to do it because its something I believe in". My question to Williams is, if it was something "that you believed in" why in the fuck did you need 240,000 dollars?? Jackass.

The mere fact that the White House thought that Armstrong Williams had any influence over African Americans just lets you know how delusional they are. I have to give it to Williams, that was definitely a easy 240K.

Some think what he did is illegal, and many prominent democrats are trying to have a investigation to actually find out. I hope what he did is illegal, and that Armstrong Williams spends a considerable amount of time in jail. I hope they throw his black ass in a cell with a 300 pound klansman. Then he can tell me if racism exists, House Negro scum..


DaKelzz said...

Good post. I heard about this on the radio this morning and only got the short and sweet version. Just goes to show you that Alan Keyes isn't the only disillusioned "Black" politician out there making an ass of himself.

Mary said...

I love how you break current events down in language I can understand. I don't particularly care for how the media skews things so I tend to tune out a lot or read half a story so I can be half informed. Good post.

There's no bigger ho than a reformed ho.

Yolie said...

HC, you sound just a wittle bit upset. Hehehe But I'm with you on that. I like the take on this House Negroism. LOL

Jdid said...

he did do it because he believed in it. the money that is

8ZERO8 said...

I can't believe more people aren't pissed about this. And Bush is getting a pass on this, too. Makes me furious.

Dust said...

I see Armstrong Williams all the time on only black debate show that comes on at 4:30 am on Sunday morning...He's always in a a tizzy with Julian Bond, Cornell West, or any other righeous dude or dudette they have on at the time...with his smirky smile and crisp repub gray suit complete with the blood red power tie...But you have it all wrong...He is very guided...guided by his ravenous greed to steamroll his own folks...
I wonder if his grandmoms ever experienced racism???

Zantiferous3 said...

Well it is ABOUT TIME!!! I've been dropping this man's name all over the web asking people to drop-squad him, scream him out... and nothing. JUST THE OTHER DAY I went to Panama's website and said I was waiting for his name to be added to the list before I would vote... and no response. Then I come here.

*sigh* See this is exactly why I used to love you!!! =))) You're always so right on point. I think Armstrong Williams is the devil. Now do one on Roy Innis!!! *jumping up and down expectantly*