Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Guitar is a wack MC's arch nemesis(

When a solitary person expresses their disgust concerning one your unique idiosyncrasies, you can simply chalk it up to them being the one who has the "problem" - but when scores of people make it their business to tell you the exact same thing, it automatically gets upgraded from "fluke" to "inconvenient truth".(minus the melting polar icecaps and it being 80 degrees in motherfucking October!) For the past few weeks I've stopped scrolling craigslist for "delivery ass" and decided to navigate the turbulent waters of dating like most normal human beings - courting a slew of beautiful women by taking them to the movies, museums, and having in-depth conversations at fancy restaurants while openly wondering if my future disgruntled ex-girlfriend is going to order from the "in-car mouth-hug" side of the menu.(Read more here)


Anonymous said...

First off, I must co-sign Bad Brains, HR is fucking insane in person. My friend, a fat Hardcore fan, was jocking him so hard HR thought he was gay and mercilessly cussed him out in some Nazarite tongue, before unleashing a barrage of open-palmed punches like he was that old dude from Tekken. See 'Don't Blow Bubbles' for more on HR's aversion to all things 'comeback'.

How do you manage to consistently come up with the funniest hip hop writing, with an utterly non-existent comment section? Lesser men would take this as a sign that they have no audience, and would lose heart. Like a lovable paranoid schizo, you take no heed of what they're (not) saying. kudos.

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

I am also stunned by the lack of comments. I am thinking THC (I just realized what your initials were)is just a hard act to follow or maybe because he's such an asshole, he might cut your comment down and people are afraid.

Lady Chavez