Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Can this man give our party some testicles?

It looks like Howard Dean is the clear front-runner for chair of the Democratic National Committee. Personally, I hope he gets it because he is one of the only Democrats with a functioning pair of testicles. Plus, if it wasn't for Dean energizing the Democratic base during the primaries, John Kerry would of gotten blown out. There are many Democrats that are unhappy about Dean possibly becoming head of the DNC because their thinking is that the democratic party should move more to the right. Well, I say fuck that! That was John Kerry's problem in my opinion, he was so concerned with appealing to the middle that he didn't give people a real choice. Meaning, if you have a Republican on one side and Republican-lite on the other, people are going to vote Republican. I feel that John Kerry is a good man who would of been 8x better than George Bush, but dude ran a bitch-like campaign.

Howard Dean will energize the base once again, showing the voters that there is a clear difference between Democrats and Republicans. I have some tips for Dean if he ever decides to read these incoherent ramblings that I affectionately call my blog.

1.The "moral values" issue is horseshit. It is just some nonsense that the right tried to pull out of their ass to explain Bush's victory. Porn sales are at a all time high, and "Desperate Housewives" is the most popular show now, so give me a break with that shit.. Show America that there are "moral values" issues concerning education, unemployment, and health care.

2.Don't take the Black community for granted.. I know that black folks mostly vote Democratic but as you saw this past election, more black folks voted for Bush this time than in 2000. That is mostly because Bush shoved God down everybody's throat. So black folks who were unemployed, had a loved one in Iraq, can't afford health care, and a shitload of other ills brought upon by the Bush administration voted for Bush because he is "against abortion". Stupid motherfuckers..

3.We need more left wing "think tanks". The republicans are really good at getting their message out, primarily because they have so many political action committees and right wing think tanks. We definitely have to counter that from now to 08'.

4.Attack, Attack, Attack!! One of John Kerry's problems is that he didn't respond quick enough to those swift boat assholes who came forward and said that Kerry was lying about his medals. The inaccuracies and lies that these guys told were deplorable, but it took his campaign more than a week to respond. We as a party, have to be ready to fight back with the viciousness that the right does. We have been weak too long, its time to knuckle up!


gonebabygone said...

Amen! Amen! and Amen! WHile I did like John Kerry and he was my first pick, I noticed something near the end of the campaign. It started to die down. Us grassroots people started to get tired. We were working our asses off and spending every minute of our spare time to get the word out but Kerry wasn't attacking back enough. The reality of politics is that it is a dirty game and we need to learn how to fight back with as much integrity as possible but we can't just let it slide. We need to call them out on their lies as soon as it happens, not just let it fester. Dean is outspoken, he doesn't take crap, and he is not ashamed to make a fool of himself. He picks up and moves on after they try to cut him down and he sticks with what he believes in. I think this is just what we need.

Jdid said...

Good luck to Dean. Dont think the party hiearchy will be too keen on a politician like him getting that spot though. They seem to be looking for "Bush lite"

Liza Valentino said...

Great breakdown...Let's hope Dean can really do it...

funkweee said...

Thanks for your comment and More power to you, man! You have a great blog as well and I'll do my best to check it out more often :)

Peace --Alex

Belle said...

Excellent post. Should be required reading for democrats and black folks everywhere. Thanks for stopping by my spot.

Caren said...

Awesome post!!! I've been very inarticulate lately about my politcal feelings & you posted everything that I've been thinking.

I love Howard Dean, just keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't lose his edge.

G. Cornelius Harris said...

The Dean...I just don't know...I'll keep you posted

Brother OMi said...

man, we still in this? Republicrats?

when will we realize that this duopoly is meant to keep poor folks at the bottom?

Democrats are not for us and the republics, the party of lincoln, is DEFINITELY not for us.

Just cause one democratic president (clinton) could play the sax and goes to a black church don't mean he is for us.

to be honest, politics is local. we should have the same fervor for local politics than the national election (when the people don't actually vote for the president, the electoral college, it's in the COnstitution... read it sometime). but as usual we don't

in the 2002 Virginia gubernatorial election, only 34% of the registered voters went to the polls. that sux.

Hustleman said...

As long as Dean doesn't do another one of those bitch-ass girly screams, he should be fine. I wish him luck.

Also, I went over a month and a halfo without talking to one of my friends cause his dumb ass voted for Bush using that same "morals" bullshit as an excuse.

LB said...

Cheers to some new testes.