Thursday, December 15, 2005

Angry Thursday Rant: NBA Dress Code

I have been asked about how I feel about the NBA dress code for a couple of months now, but I really didn't go into any elaborate answer because I seriously didn't give a fuck. But as I heard more about it, and the reasoning behind it, I decided to make my point of view concerning this particular topic loud and crystal clear.

If I decide to see an old school artist perform in my city and there is a strict dress code, it pisses me off, but I understand because it is usually put in place to keep the "thugs" out, I understand it.(Even though I know plenty of stone cold killers who wear Armani suits, but I digress.) But when the NBA announced the dress code that they would be enforcing, the reasoning that was given was that they were "cleaning up the image of the NBA". OK, kind of vague, but now I hear from sports analysts along with NBA brass that the dress code was implemented because of all the corporate dollars involved and the interest of said corporations. I am by no means Malcolm X here, but to me that just seems like a PC way of saying that the dress code was put in place to make "Rich white folks comfortable". Jesus Fucking Christ man, its 2005, being scared of black men is so 1956, why should they cater to motherfuckers who probably fear young black males regardless if they wear a doo-rag or a three piece suit?? The NBA is on the low end of the totem pole when it comes to making money and popularity in the United States, and you can bet your sweet ass that it has nothing to do with the attire that they are so cowardly trying to attack. The reason that the NBA isn't as popular as other sports, is because the commissioner David Stern, and those of his ilk who run the NBA, couldn't market the NBA out of a goddamn paper bag. Don't blame it on baggy jeans, gold chains, and doo-rags, blame it on your blistering incompetence.

I also have an issue with the counter-arguments like, "But they are millionaires, they don't have a reason to be complaining at all!!" This is foolishness, when did having money forfeit the right to verbally voice your complaint about something. So, if the owners wanted African American players to play ball in blackface once a week in the NBA's new "watermelon and Basketball" campaign, they wouldn't have a right to bitch about it based on their paycheck?? I know it's an unrealistic example, but you get what I'm saying. The other idiotic argument that I heard from Charles Barkley was when he said that since other major CEO's have to wear suits, why should it be any different for NBA players. I guess, Chuck, that the mere fact that those other CEO's aren't wearing tank-tops and shorts as they perform their particular jobs would separate them from those other CEO's that you mention, you horses ass. Not to mention, if it was alright for NBA players to wear Afro's and bell-bottoms in the 70's and jheri curls and parachute pants in the 80's, what is the fucking difference now??

I don't know, I could be wrong, but take this for what it is... A Rant..


VAN007 said...

It's ok HC... repeat after me "wooosaaaa" again "woooooooosaaaaa" feel better? No. I thought not. I don't agree with the dress code either. I too felt it was racially motivated, but I'm not a fan of the NBA anyway. I wubs me some football.

David said...

I don't watch a lot of basketball (mostly just playoff games), but how the players dressed or looked never really concerned me. In fact, I used to like to watch crazy characters like Dennis Rodman. I was entertained by his wild hair colorings and other assorted wackyness. Mr. Stern needs to remove the corn cob from his ass and just admit that ball players are entertainers not role models!

Amadeo said...

The thing I hate is when people say that it shouldn't matter cause they make millions. They make way more for the people who sign their checks. Not to mention they already wear uniforms this dress code means: when you leave the house coming to the game, at the press conference and on the way home...dress like we say.

DJ Ho said...

i think basketball players should be able to wear whatever they want. To make them a bit more presentatable, I would say at Press Conferences, just wear smart casual, like a polo shirt and jeans would be fine with me.

I'm not sure how it is in the US, but they have started to do that with sports like cricket over here. When players are travelling, they are in their suits, etc..

Say Yeah said...

Just like Cube's character said in Higher Learning "run nigga run."