Friday, March 02, 2007

Hey HumanityCritic, what in the fuck are you doing with this in your ipod? Hall and Oates - Private Eyes

Ever since I got up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, and inappropriately rubbed on the legs of a neighbor named Shelly, I have thought that Darryl Hall was the coolest white boy that has ever existed. There's no way a person can put a finger on it, he's a good singer but not the greatest, his songs are awesome in my eyes but I have ones that I like more, he's just one suave son of a bitch. It's weird though, I always figured if me and the crooner were friends, he'd be my personal McGuiver. Trapped in a burning house, call Darryl, have to disarm a nuclear weapon with a sewing needle, "Get me Darryl!!", trying to talk some lady into letting me give her an unlicensed breast exam at a bar, "Where in the fuck is Darryl when I need him!!" By the way, I love this fucking song..

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Problematik said...

"Private Eyes" and "Out of Touch" are the SHIT!