Friday, July 31, 2009

Eminem - "The Warning" (Mariah Carey diss)

When I was a kid I lived a couple of houses down from a guy that we nicknamed "Crazy Roger", a reclusive Vietnam veteran who my father told me to stay away from because he had "that thousand yard stare". I pretty much obeyed my old man's wishes, kept clear of our anti social neighbor, but the guy was so damn intriguing. Trashy women would come by his house at all hours of the night which meant that he was a fan of tax deductible ass. He was a raging alcoholic, a trash man once dropped his garbage can and a million booze bottles came rolling out. He also hated being seen so much that he would literally run out, snatch his newspaper, and run back in - like a vampire who didn't want to be barbecued in the most public of fashions. Anyway, one Halloween some friends and me thought it would be a laugh riot if we toilet papered Roger's house. I mean, the guy never comes out, what exactly is the risk? Well, I soon found out. Roger came out of his house with a big bamboo stick, something I'm sure Samurai's practiced with - and proceeded to rock our feeble little worlds before the first roll was thrown. Sometime you gotta let sleeping dogs lie.

That's sort of how I view this new Eminem song dissing Mariah Carey. I mean, I saw this verbal dismantling coming a mile away when Mariah dropped that "Obsessed" video.(Mariah, you aren't fooling anyone, that was about Em) Maybe because of the rehab, or the more measured tone he's been exhibiting in interviews, but I guess Team Mariah thought that Eminem was suddenly that dude to fuck with. Stupid. Listen, I have many criticisms of Marshall Mathers: He should stop producing. He shouldn't rely so much on Dr. Dre so much because the man can't carry an album any more. Regurgitating themes from earlier albums. But don't get it twisted, the dude can still rhyme his ass off. Yeah, Mariah deserved this.

Hat tip to RapRadar


The Jaded NYer said...

when I heard that track it made my day so much you don't even know. And not because I don't like Mariah, but because I LOVE IT when people who are feeling themselves a little too much get put back in their place.

Dear Mariah & Nick: it's time you reassess your lives.


BLESSD1 said...

Co-signing Jaded. Jeebus...Mariah & Nick...PLEASE just take this L, shut-up, and don't make this cat make a further example of you. He will dead BOTH of your careers. You do NOT want it with him.

TOPolk said...

This cut was better than anything off of "Relapse." Good to see that Em still had it in him. Looks like he just needed some motivation.

J. Pitts said...

eminem only goes after weaker targets. how come he never responded to evidence or pacewon? he's a bully that only preys on lesser opponents.

this track is unnecessary! eminem instigated this whole shit then got pissy mad when a soft blow from mariah came back on "Obsessed."

There is something wrong with people (50 and Em) who stay in embroiled in controversy like this. Eminem's refusal to stop talking about his mother, his ex-wife, and to put his personal issues out there like he has shows that there are much larger issues going on here. Sure, he's talented but he needs help!

Anonymous said...

@ J. Pitts:

Probably because no one knows who Evidence and Pacewon are, or give 2 fucks about them.