Monday, October 13, 2008

Before you sprain your wrist patting John McCain on the back..

When I saw John McCain putting his foam-mouthed supporters in place I was relieved, not because I felt like the Arizona Senator finally showed an ounce of common decency - but because I literally thought that the chances of Barack Obama getting assassinated greatly decreased simply by John McCain correcting the record. I've witnessed both cable pundits and bloggers alike opine about the return of ".the John McCain they knew", as if some political beacon on light who has been unfortunately forced against his will to wade into the muck and mire of Rovian-style gutter tactics decided to listen to his tortured conscious and return to civility. Bullshit I say. Listen, I don't think that John McCain is an inherently evil man, but he had to sign off on everything from those crummy "Who is the real Barack Obama?" ads, the Bill Ayers talking points, and the violence inciting rhetoric coming out of his illiterate rube of a running mate. Forgive my cynicism, but John McCain attempting to calm down some of his hateful supporters is like a person suddenly trying to domesticate their pitbull after years of entering the animal in a shitload of dogfights. Besides, how else could he have possibly answered the "Obama is an arab" woman or the expecting father who claimed to be scared of an Obama presidency? If he agrees with the misinformed old woman about Obama's background or the notion that an Obama presidency is something to be feared then the election is over, cancel Christmas. You shouldn't be commended for showing a modicum of decency. So please, consider the campaign he has run before you sprain your wrist patting John McCain on the back.


Norman said...

Exactly. Too bad we can't just vote today and put the embarassing McCain campaign out of its misery.

And really, I don't think we need to worry so much about Obama getting taken out. This is not the 60's, when politician had virtually no security guards. Remember that Bush is perhaps *the* most hated man on the planet, and no one even tried. Also, don't forget Obama isn't like Bill Clinton, who would randomly ditch his Secret Service agents to chase a Big Mac - or a skirt. Obama's smarter than that and is going to have a pretty amazing security detail.

Shimada Boyce said...

Oddly enough, the rally was in Minnesota, which if my memory serves me correctly is the same state that elected Jesse "The Body" Ventura as governor.

You honestly can't expect much out of them... although they can claim Prince but I'm sure that was a fluke.