Saturday, October 23, 2004

George W. Bush: America's Abusive Boyfriend

People would disagree with me, but I'm a firm believer that some things transcend opinion.Michael Jordan being one of the greatest basketball players ever is no longer opinion, it is fact. Rakim being on of the best lyricists to ever grab a mic is no longer opinion, it is a undeniable fact. George W. Bush being a miserable, incompetent president is also one of these facts that I find hard for anyone to refute.

The past four years, I have sat and increasingly lost respect for republicans that I know, desperately trying to defend this "President in clown shoes". Some of these people are intelligent and bright, so their defense of Bush is mind boggling. It reminds me of a friend that I had years ago named Kathy. Kathy had a abusive boyfriend, who always beat her ass. When I would try to get her to leave him she would always say, "When he hits me it just means that he loves me".Or she would say, "I know deep down he has a great heart". I would point out that if he truly loved her, he wouldn't send her out in public with black eyes..

Even though her boyfriend didn't have a job, never did anything for her, and beat her ass, she stayed with him anyway. There are several reasons why a woman would stay in a abusive relationship, even though I am not a expert on the subject I would guess a few factors would be. a) Low self-esteem b)History of abuse in her family c)Lack of love as a child d)Co Dependant personality, or a plethora of other issues. I am also under the impression that some people just like being abused, kind of a masochistic nature to them. This is where my comparison to George W. Bush comes in.

Our president has been a monumental failure on so many fronts. Whether it be environmental issues, the war, economy, jobs, you name it. It is frustrating finding so many people who support him, even though voting for Bush would be basically voting against their own self interests. If I ask someone why they are voting for Bush and they say, "He is making America safer, and he is the right man to fight terrorism", I point out that 9/11 happened on his watch and 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. I point out that even some of Bush's people(Richard Clarke) told Bush that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. I even echo what many experts say that the war in Iraq has energized terrorist groups, thus not making us safer.

With all the mounting evidence supporting my argument they say I'm wrong, with no legitimate retort, and say they will proudly vote for Bush. I can hear Kathy's voice in my head, "When he hits me it just means that he loves me". Sometimes people will tell me, "Bush is great for the military". I point out that not only has Bush cut veterans benefits, and closed many VA Hospitals, there are rumblings from Washington insiders about bringing back the draft. They usually utter some lie about Clinton being bad for the military, but never offer a legitimate argument. More of Kathy's words come to mind, "I know deep down he has a great heart". There are even people who say to me, "The economy is booming, and it's all because of Bush". I quickly point out that Bush turned a record surplus to a record deficit, record unemployment, and that he is the first president since Herbert Hoover to not of gained one net job. Again, there isn't a respectable answer and they maintain their blind love for Bush.

It is my feeling that history will shed the proper light on Bush, showing the individuals blinded by his "aww shucks" routine that he is the worst president in recent memory. If you watch the news they will always bring up the "likability factor", showing some poll where Americans would rather "have a beer" with George W. Bush than John Kerry. I don't know about you but I want a PRESIDENT not a fucking beer buddy. There are some professions where I want the person to be considerably smarter than I. If I'm having surgery I want the doctor to level with me, but talking to him I want to be assured that he has the knowledge to do the job. No joking, no "likability factor", save my damn life. The President of the United States is another profession where I want him/her to be a intellectual, and have the testicular fortitude to make tough decisions. The mere fact that when I hear Bush speak I can't stop thinking about Barney Phife from the 'The Andy Griffith Show". Johnny Depp got into a lot of trouble when he called Americans "dumb", but if we are going to vote for president based on "Who I want to have a beer with" then we are a nation full of blistering idiots.

Kathy ended up leaving her abusive boyfriend, after gathering up the courage to do so. As Americans, you can either follow her lead and get rid of that abusive relationship(Vote John Kerry Nov 2) or continue getting abused and making excuses for you abuser. The choice is definitely yours..


Anonymous said...

"testicular fortitude"

Loving your command of the english language. I am reviewing your posts and find them so refreshing. thanks

BLESSD1 said...

I agree the anonymous. I'm currently NOT doing my work to read your archives, and in some twisted way, it seems worth it! LOL! Good post, HC


Sylvia said...

Howdy! Just came across this entry in your blog by a random spin of the search engine. This southern, white girl , in spite of being raised in the city of holybullshit (ChucktownSC) has to say: I agree . I agree. Oh why, oh why can't my neighbors get it? I am used to rampant hypocrisy and injustice around here- as a daily part of the city infrastructure- but you'd think people would put down the meds, or beer, or pull their heads out their asses and vote their own interests.
All I can say is that the computer voting machines are a poll tax on every American, so I wonder why Georgia (and other states) are working so hard to reinstitute Jim Crow shit down there. I mean, all they have to do is steal our votes and reassign 'em.
I read this entry long after the chance to vote Bush out passed us by. I don't vote anymore. I don't protest in public, and I don't tell strangers the outrageous things I used to about the political shit going down around us. I am just leaving the country. All I can do is walk away. And the first time he won i thought those people moving to Canada were overreacting. . .

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