Sunday, March 20, 2005

Journalistic Wanted Poster(boring Sunday post)

I have posted some of this before. All this talk about Dan Rather really had me thinking. Thinking about what kind of hypocrites Republicans are. You have a man, Rather, who had venom spewed in his direction about some questionable documents.(that were true no less and hasn't been proved to be forgeries) The Right has this "fake outrage" thing going on. Some examples of that include: Sandy Berger "supposedly" sneaking documents in his socks(turned out to be horseshit), John Kerry "outing" Dick Cheney's daughter during the debates(she has been "out" for years), and the Rather story are prime examples of "fake outrage" by low grade republicans.

But seriously, they have to be consistent when it comes to journalistic credibility. Right? I mean, if you are strong in your convictions about Rather's misdeeds as a journalist then you have to feel the same way when someone does something twice as bad. To think otherwise would make you a hypocrite, and founding member of the "fake outrage" club.

FOX news is in violation of many incidents far worse than anything Dan Rather could of done. Below are some examples of a Fox News Anchor, Fox News reporter, Fox Host, and all around douchebag Robert Novak. If the same people who criticize Rather can't see any fault in the following examples, then their argument is nothing but "fake outrage". Not to mention, Fox News as a whole is a scam and the people their couldn't hold Dan Rather's journalistic jockstrap. If you see any of these men do not apprehend them, their lack of journalistic credibility will catch up with them. Hopefully.

Brit Hume:
*Mischaracterized a Franklin Delano Roosevelt quote by splicing together portions of the ex-presidents words to wrongly show that Roosevelt was for the privatization of Social Security
*Called John Kerry's concession speech "a load of crap"
*Continuosly touted the claims of the anti_Kerry documentary "Stolen Honor" even though it was found to have "prominent factual errors."
* Hume cited ambiguous stats to support claim that AIDS sufferers "bring it on themselves"
*Hume defended Cheney with lie about Kerry weapons-system cuts
*Hume falsely claimed Bush fulfilled Guard service
*Hume claimed: "Hastert never said Soros was receiving funds from drug cartels" but he did indeed say just that.

Carl Cameron
*Carl Cameron: Kerry quotes poet who "praised communism". A line Senator John Kerry frequently used on the campaign trial was written by award-winning Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes, who, Cameron claimed, "often" attacked religion and God and made pro-communism remarks. Notably, President George W. Bush praised Hughes as one of the writers "that inspire us" in a proclamation celebrating Black History Month in February 2001.
*Cameron doctored a Kerry quotation to cast him as flip-flopper
*Carl misstated the facts about Kerry rallies. He falsely claimed that people who wish to attend Kerry-Edwards campaign rallies "have to go pick them [tickets] up from Democratic pick-up spots" which was totally false.
*Cameron forwarded the lie that Bush never said "mission accomplished" when he did.
*Carl Cameron tried to spin Kerry speech, falsely claimed Kerry called Bush a "warmonger". At no point did Kerry call Bush a "warmonger," nor did he "basically" say that Bush "wants a perpetual state of war around the world."
*Cameron put out a fake news story about John Kerry getting manicures. Fox later retracted the story.

Sean Hannity:
*Hannity has referred to Jeff Gannon as "a terrific Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent for Talon News..even though it turned out the Gannon had no journalistic credibility and was a gay male escort.
*Hannity falsely claimed that everyone got the same amount from Bush's tax cuts
*Hannity denied unprecedented increase in minority appointments under Clinton.
*Hannity falsely claimed that "Al Gore brought Willie Horton to the American people" which was ridiculous because the ad was produced by Larry McCarthy, a former employee of then-Bush campaign media consultant and current FOX News Channel President Roger Ailes.

Robert Novak
*Novak falsely claimed that during an appearance at Cornell University, Dean said that Social Security is "going to lose about 80 percent of the benefits" over time. Knowing
*On the February 21 edition of CNN's Crossfire, Novak announced: "USA Next has hired the same consultant who mobilized the brilliantly effective and honest Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads." even though official Navy records and other evidence refute the discredited group's accusations, and the Navy's chief investigator concluded that all of the decorations Kerry received for his service in Vietnam were "properly approved."
* Novak Continously touts the SwiftBoat book despite disclosing his conflict of interest. His son, Alex Novak, is director of marketing for its publisher, Regnery Publishing, Inc. In addition, Robert Novak is a trustee of The Phillips Foundation, along with Thomas L. Phillips and Alfred S. Regnery. Phillips is chairman of Eagle Publishing, Inc., of which Regnery is a subsidiary. Alfred Regnery is a director of Eagle Publishing and, according to Eagle's website, is "president of Regnery Publishing, Inc." Eagle publishes the Evans-Novak Political Report, which Novak edits.
*Novak called Texas Dems "scumbags"
*Released the name of a CIA operative

"Rathergate"? Are you shitting me?


Luke Cage said...

Dude, I could be wrong, but I don't think that you are fond of FOX's journalistic practices-lol- Hey, you never told me that you were such a fan(tic) of Humorous Hannity or Brit "Joe Hung" Hume... Then you must go to these sites for great essential readings...


(2) This is from a blog posting I read just last month. I knew I could pass it on to someone someday. Happy reading dawg.

memer said...

Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you, but I think the "out" they'll claim is that they're "pundits," not true, bona fide, capital-J Journalists. These guys get to spit opinion where Journalists are obligated to carefully hide theirs.

The stuff these guys spew is only journalism-plated, not the real deal.

Brother OMi said...

kewl stuff, but i thought they were pundits too and not journalists.

Lene said...

We just got Fox News a few months ago, and some politicians tried to block the signal. You have to pay a premium to get it, so most of the gullible ignorant Canadians wont be exposed to it. Besides, Bill O'Reilly hates Canada.. jerkface!

Brother OMi said...

oh yeah, you gotta read banana republicans...

saga said...

I tend not to watch (can barely stomach any "news" cast these days - there's so little actual objective reporting anywhere anymore). However, my employer streams Fox all day. Coinkydink? I think not.

E to the dwige said...

Hmmm interesting post. I tend to read my news (not that the Washington Post is totally un biased) so I'm not familiar with everyone you mentioned on this post but this is really interesting. Thanks.

The Stacey Mahoney Blog said...

Fox News is the lowest form of "information" out there. I wanted to use my Journalism and Broadcast Communications degree until I saw this "news" channel. If they're journalists, I need to stick to web design.

I'll never forget being in the auto service station listening to a "news anchor" ream out Julia Robert's brother. I also remember an anchor denying that Bush had Enron in the U.S. energy plan and was well acquainted with Kenneth Lay.


Dayrell said...

Ya know...I heard sometime a while back that FOX (not only the news, but the whole network its self) was a bunch of crap (and this comment coming from a previous FOX producer). She even told us not to support/watch FOX at all, point blank, and that it was a crooked ass network. Mmm? So it's quite amazing that I come to your blog a couple of years later to find this...

Thanks for dishing out the info. As I was reading I also found myself giggling a little bit as I was obseving some of the contridictions that took place ...I mean, damn, that is just straight JACKED up! LOL.