Monday, September 05, 2005

Kanye and Katrina

"You gotta love it though somebody still speaks from his soul:-Kanye West from the song "Diamonds of Sierra Leone"

People would think that Kanye West and I have a lot in common, we both grew up on real Hip Hop, we are both pretty fucking arrogant, and we are both self described assholes. But to be totally honest I am kind of indifferent to Mr. West, which I actually think is worse than hatred because at least hatred invokes an emotion. But when Kanye let out the following diatribe during a benefit concert on NBC Friday night for the hurricane victims, I have a whole new respect for the Chicago MC:

"I hate the way they portray us in the media. We see a black family, it says they're looting, see a white family, it says they're looking for food. And you know it's been five days because most of the people are black. And even for me to complain about, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping before even giving a donation. So now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what's, what is the biggest amount I can give. And and, just to imagine, if I was, if I was down there and those are, those are my people down there. So anybody out there that wants to do anything, that we can help. With the set up, the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well off as slow as possible. I mean this is, the Red Cross is doing what they can. We already realize a lot of the people that could help are at war right now fighting another way. And they've given them permission to go down and shoot us."

Then after Mike Myers who was alongside Kanye read from the teleprompter, Kanye West ended it with the following salvo:

"George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Let me tell you, I haven't cheered that hard since Public Enemy gave the proverbial finger to John Wayne and Elvis Presley in the song "Fight the Power" during the opening credits of Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing." Listen, I know that Kanye will probably spend the bulk of his career being socially insignificant, but to hear someone say what so many of us believe is quite refreshing. To see a performer have the balls to say something like that without fear of being "Dixie Chicked" is dope in my book.

So this morning I got up and checked out some conservative blogs, especially black conservative blogs to see what they were saying about Kanye West's rant. Of course they not only called Kanye everything from an idiot to an asshole, the black republican blogs predictably put on the black face and continued to apologize for "massa". Mostly saying shit like, "Bush doesn't care about black people?? yeah right Buddy, shut your mouth!!"

But lets wait a minute here, lets break down the legacy of our favorite draft dodger in chief. For one thing, when Bush was Governor of Texas there were over 150 executions. He would only spend minutes looking at the file, then he would hand it over to Alberto Gonzales. There were at least three cases where the defense attorney fell asleep during the case and the state of Texas refused to review it. Call me crazy, but just imagine all the innocent black men that were electrocuted.

I remember people saying, "I'm voting for Bush because of his morals!"

Then we have the fact that Bush is the first president since Warren G Harding to refuse to address the NAACP. Of course the NAACP came out against Bush, but they also came out against Reagan, even more so, and he still spoke in front of them. I have never seen a man that is supposed to be a leader, who is scared shitless of criticism of any kind.

I remember people saying around November, "I'm voting for Bush because he is for the people!!"

Now we have Hurricane Katrina, which not only was predicted to be a damaging hurricane where the Mayor called for an evacuation, but there are other mysteries around Bush's late response time. For one thing, FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) warned of three of the most likely catastrophic disasters facing the U.S. before September 11th. 1. A terrorist attack on New York City 2.Flooding in New Orleans and 3.A San Francisco earthquake.(check besides 1 and 2) So besides knowing that the levies were weak, he not only underfunded Fema but merged it somehow into The Department of Homeland Security.

I remember people saying around November, "I'm voting for Bush because he is a leader!"

So we knew that the hurricane was going to be serious business last Friday and Bush not only made a big deal about cutting his vacation short, went golfing, played guitar along some country and western singer, briefly mentioned the disaster during a speech he gave, this is about as worse as the 7 minutes he spent looking like a deer in headlights in that classroom on 9/11. The response time is appalling as dead bodies are floating in the water, people are starving to death, and any other horrible thing imaginable. But then again no one has seen that miserable bastard Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice's Aunt Tomasina ass is off seeing a Broadway play and buying expensive shoes while a national tragedy is going on. The incompetence is amazing.

I remember when people said they were voting for Bush because "John Kerry looked french!"

Lastly, a good friend of mine name Malcolm is missing from the tragedy that we all know as Katrina. He got caught in the storm trying to desperately find his fiancee, now days later no one has heard from him. I desperately hope that he is OK, but things aren't looking too good. I spent a great amount of time today sitting alongside Malcolms mother, a woman whom I've known since I was 6 years old. As she clutched my hand and cried relentlessly I shed a few tears as well, not only because my good friend is possibly one of the casualities down there, but because I felt helpless as my good friends mother sobbed uncontrollably, gripping my hand tighter as each tear fell down he wrinkled face. Hopefully, my Bush bashing aside if you are a supporter of his, do what I did and give whatever you can to the people affected by this tragedy.

So, like it or not, I agree with Kanye West when he says that Bush doesn't care about black people. I'm sure if the location changed from New Orleans to Salt Lake City Utah, the response time would be rather different. But hey, that's just me, a throat-chopping black bastard with a blog.


Jess said...


Maverick said...

I just wanted to take the time to post the same information that I sent out to a number of people through e-mail this morning. Help if you can...I apologize for blowing your blog up like this, HC. Thanks for your patience...


I know that many people are looking at the news constantly about Hurricane Katrina and all of the people that it has affected. Most of the people from New Orleans fled the storm and came to Baton Rouge, Louisiana...where I am from. All of the shelters in Baton Rouge and the surrounding suburbs are completely full right now, but they could still use help...

I know a lot of people are looking to donate but don't want to just throw their money out there to any agency. I am not sure of all of the places that are offering shelter and assistance but I just wanted to throw some out there for people who are looking for the information.

Volunteers of America in Baton Rouge are housing many of the families from the storm. They offer assistance to women and children in particular. I would suggest that you not just send money...instead get in touch with Volunteers of America first so that you know exactly who you are sending it to and who you are helping. Two of the women at Voluteers of America are Paulette Hansberry and Denise Hansberry. They both work for Volunteers of America so you can call them and ask them about what you can do to help. The info for their branch is...

Attn: Paulette and Denise Hansberry
Volunteers of America
827 America Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 381-7955

...also I know that the Baker Municipal Center as well as Bethany World Prayer Center are taking in a couple hundred people and housing them there. Baker is a suburb on the north side of Baton Rouge. I don't know any people there personally, so be sure to call and get the information of who you can send donations to...

Baker Municipal Center
3325 Groom Road
Baker, Louisiana 70714
(225) 775-0059

Bethany World Prayer Center
13855 Plank Road
Baker, LA 70714
(225) 774-1700

...and lastly, there is a number that gives information on how to give donations and help to any place in East Baton Rouge Parish that is providing assistance to people from the hurricane...

East Baton Rouge Parish Emergency Operations Center
Volunteer and Donations Management Bank
(225) 389-2861
(225) 389-2863

...this is just other information that I got my hands on. Forward to anyone that you might think needs it. I will pass on anything else I can find...

Important phone numbers:
Evacuees in need of dialysis should call 225-387-1333
Information on Katrina: 225-346-8255
Road conditions: 800-469-4828
Latest coordinates: 225-346-8255 code 8613
State offices: 800-360-9660
Price gouging: 800-488-2770
Metro Airport flight info: 225-355-0333
New Orleans Airport info: 504-464-0831
Ascension Parish OEP: 225-621-8360
EBR Parish OEP: 225-389-2100
WBR Parish OEP: 225-346-1577
LaFourche Parish OEP: 985-537-7603
Livingston Parish OEP: 225-686-3066
Orleans Parish OEP: 504-415-1158
St. Bernard Parish OEP: 504-278-4267
St. Charles parish OEP: 985-783-5050
St. John Parish OEP: 985-652-2222
Tangipahoa Parish OEP: 985-748-3211
Terrebonne Parish OEP: 985-873-6357
Red Cross Emergency number 295-0104,
-For red cross donations, 1-800-help now, 1-800-435-7669
All shelters need cots, blankets, and personal items

Feel free to check out, a reliable
information website sponsored by on the Hurricane Katrina

Wal-Mart gift cards make excellent presents for the hurricane victims.
Wal-Mart Supercenter stores have everything from clothing to food to

This comes from a floating e-mail. Apparently, it originated from the Texas
Deputy Commissioner for Administration. Make sure and call the number for
Do you know anyone in Texas as an evacuee from any of the three states
Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama? If so, the Texas Department of Health
and Human Services will give them 2 months of Food Stamps with no questions
asked. All they need to show is a drivers license.
This agency will also give you information and locations where they can
receive free gas. Also, if you are housing anyone from one of these states
you can call FEMA at 800-621-3362 file a claim and receive assistance for
your help.
This is valid information directly from TDHHS. The site to find a location
near you is

Please forward this important information on to others.

From Bro. Adam Stovall (Pi Xi, Texas State): "My wife and I are willing to
open our home to a family in need. We live in a small 3-bedroom, 1 ½-bath
house in Copperas
Cove, 15 minutes outside of Fort Hood and an hour south of Waco. We are able
to accommodate for infants and children. Since space is limited, we can only
accommodate for one family. We do have pets, 2 cats and a dog."
E-mail Bro. Stovall at

From Soror Charlotte Brown (Epsilon Delta, Lamar): "I also have a guest
bedroom. I Just recently purchased a townhouse and would love to help one in
need. If there is a Soror or Frat in need of shelter, please let me know. I
live on the west side of Houston.
E-mail Soror Brown at

The University School of Las Colinas in Irving, a private academy, is
willing to accept displaced students in grades 6-12. The school is willing
to assist students and families the best way possibly. The school, in
addition, has dual enrollment with North Lake College, and students can take
classes for free.
For more information, contact school principal Tre' John or athletic
director Bro. DeWayne Barker at 972-753-6165. Visit the school's website at E-mail Bro. Barker at

Bro. Anthony Van Kline (Pi Xi, Texas State) is looking for Frat named John
Baur, who lives in New Orleans. Bro. Baur was scheduled to make a trip to
the San Marcos area, but Bro. Van Kline hasn't heard from him since the
hurricane. If anyone knows Bro. Baur and his whereabouts, contact Bro. Van
Kline as soon as possible at

The Ladies of Beta Lambda Chapter (Univ. of Houston-Downtown) is hosting a
Katrina Relief Drive on Thursday, Sept. 8, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the
South Deck. All Sorors and Frat are asked to come and donate clothes, shoes,
food, etc.
E-mail for more information.

The Town of Flower Mound, just outside the city of Lewisville, has set up
donation boxes throughout town to provide an organized relief effort for the
victims. Drop off locations include Town Hall (2121 Cross Timbers), the
Service Center (1105 Duncan Lane), the Flower Mound Police Station (4150
Kirkpatrick Lane), Central Fire Station (3838 Forums Drive), Fire Station #
2 (4401 Shiloh Road) and Fire Station #3 (2020 Woodhill Lane). Donations
will be distributed to refugees currently residing in the DFW area. For more
information, call Paula Lawrence at 972-874-6076.

SP said...

I didn't hear what Kanye said, but I'm glad it said it. Sorry to hear about your friend Malcolm. I hope he is found safe and sound.


Chele said...

Thank you, Kanye for putting that out there but WE should have done that a long time ago, along with putting the squeeze on Bush.

This isn't really even about the president not caring about black people. It's about PEOPLE not caring about black people.

We rallied after 911
We rallied after the Tsunami
We rallied after Jon Bennet died.

I said I was going to keep my mouth shut and just let people say what they are going to say but DANG. Can we even pretend to have a clue?

and btw.... I did

I am Jack said...

Yeah, Bush sucks. He cut funding for fema and didn't listen when city officials asked for aid to strengthen the levies. People are fucked up, but our president is fucking incompetent.

Logan said...

Just wanted to say great post. Recently discovered your blog and am enjoying the hell out of it. I'm a West fan, picked up his new album today in fact, love it, though I can understand why it's not everyone's bag, I even feel out of touch with a lot of what he talks about, of course being a white kid from the south, that's probably expected. I got to see his comments this morning, and I laughed so hard. Not because he's wrong, but because it took this kid, who looked nervous as all hell, manipulating the system, biding his time, to say what should have been said so long ago. I'm quite certain Bush is ant-black, he's a rich, white good ol boy, I'b be surprised if he even knew a black person personaly, i.e. a frienship not based on political relationships. I've been arguing with a few people today who say that he's wrong, my rebuttle: well Bush hasn't done anything but prove him right, why the hell did it take six days to get these people help? Whjy was the army sending them back to their deaths? Why were they keeping the Salvation Army out? We can talk all day about help they needed before this, funding for a new levee, the stupidity of staying in a city that experts have been predicting disaster in for years, but none of that changes the fact that they didn't get help after the disaster. If Bush and company had needed to be the ones responding to 9/11, would soildiers have sent people back into the collapsing buildings? It's just insane. Apologies for the rant, keep up the good work!

brooklyn babe said...
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brooklyn babe said...


It just never EVER CEASES to amazes me, how the govt (and teh BUSH DYNASTY) finds BLATANT ways to show what they think about a certain group(s) of people.
But they love to piss on you, and tell you its raining!
I gotta off this net, and go lively up myself, Peace Humanity.
When U get a chance, when I was in a happier mood, i gave you a fun shout out (audio) post, peep it when ever you find a happy moment.

mrblackromantic said...

Bush only cares about the black people that vote Republican. Had this happened in Texas he'd have called up NAVY SEALS to secure the area and work during the hurricane landfall to save people.

What has amazed me most is that just weeks after governors were complaining about the amount of National Guard being sent to IRAQ and the Pentagon shutting down BASES... this happens. I know BUSH is an idiot but geez if this has not been planned then fate is just cruel.

Personally, I think the National Guard should've rolled up breaking out the food and supplies from abandoned businesses. The people are just doing what they can to survive. Could they imagine... ok lets say no one loots. That food goes bad. And now you have a shit load more of folks standing in the HOT and HUMID weather in a fucking meal line for an army ration and bottle of water.

No Diapers. No running water. No electricity. No Contact.No home. No neighborhood. No jobs. No food. No Hope. Missing Family...

... KanYe. Well I think he's a nice and refreshing change to HIPHOP. I have always admired his honesty... but I think the best way to describe what he said is by another line from another song.
"We've got the guts to do it. Hell we've got the nuts to do it."- Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Much respect KanYe.

HC - Keep grindin'. Happy belated.


I pray that they find your boy.

Anonymous said...

Uh...Bush not caring for blacks is not anything new. When did Kanye get the memo?

Z said...

Interesting post. In general, discrimination continues against people of color in the US. I recently bitched about this on a post of mine re: women and kidnapping. Often times, women who are white and young make it to national news---Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson-etc. How about the rest of us--meaning the colored folks--racism--be it subtle or overt still plagues this nation.

Black Ambition said...

I am so glad this brother said this on national television because so many black folks want to, but don't have the opportunity!

Go Kayne! If only more hip hip artists would use their voices to say something real.

But staying positive, he said what was in his heart so I give him mad respect.

Brother OMi said...

thanks big homie. i am glad you posted this

i do feel that the blame goes beyond bush and should be dropped on several levels of gov't including the mayor of NO.

my best friend has almost his entire family down there. he has not been able to contact them. its scary.

i notice you have only 13 comments this time. bugged ain't it?

obifromsouthlondon said...

I got mad respect for that nigga Kanye. Integrity has to count for something.

Maverick said...

@Brother Omi: Don't do that, man. I am getting tired of alot of the talking now. Everyone has a finger to point somewhere, but what are alot of us doing...nothing. Those people need food, clothing and shelter...and everyone is just sitting up talking as usual.

To sit up and say that the blame falls on all of government, including the mayor of New Orleans, is over-simplifying the roles of government. Do you think that the task of reinforcing a river levee is a local task? Do you know how much money it is going to take to repair that hole in there now? That is bigger than the city of New Orleans. All he can do is fight to get the money. But that is either a state or federal task...

After 9-11, so many bills were rushed through the legislature to ensure that nothing like that would happen again. We keep hearing about Bush rushing this aid package through, but when is it going to happen? Then we always complain after something happens, but shit always stays the same. Bush didn't get a second term because no one voted for him. We concern ourselves with the most trivial of shit. I included some numbers and info above. Instead of pointing all of these fingers, let's worry about the responsibility that lies within ourselves to help others first. I have heard so many people outside of LA, MS, and AL complain but I have yet to see many people do things. Maybe I am wrong...

Anonymous said...

I guess the Mayor of New Orleans - Ray Nagin - hates blacks more, no? How much of a warning did they have? 5, 6, 7 days that the storm was coming?

From the Louisiana disaster plan, pg. 13, para 5 , dated 01/00:

'The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating'...

Where were the school buses? Where the city buses? Where? Why were'nt the buses waiting at the Superdome and the Convention center to bus people west to Texas BEFORE the storm hit?

Dont blame Bush, blame the incompetent mayor of New Orleans and the other local incompetent officials - whose sole duty it is to protect THEIR LOCAL CONSTITUENTS.

Ray could have saved thousands from misery, but he saw his "Rudy Guliani" moment coming and it didn't matter if his people suffered.

Bush may have "dropped the ball", but Ray Nagin "pulled the trigger".

The Humanity Critic said...

I thought I smelled vagina, but then it was only an asshole posting anonymously.

Anyone that knows anything about government knows that the mayor of a city doesn't have any power, so to blame him is just idiotic. That guy has been basically begging to get those levies fixed, and bush has done nothing but slash fema's budget and be the inept president that he is.

Maverick said...

HC, I am glad that you realize that. Plus, school buses and the like were provided before the storm...

For many people who may have not been in a hurricane, I lived through the last category 5 hurricane to hit the US, Hurricane Andrew. And whereas many people may be in places with excellent public transportation, in Louisiana, we barely have any. So to tell people who don't own cars and live in remote places in the city to get to a particular place when they may not even be able to travel to a job is ridiculous...

Realize that the eye of the hurricane did not hit New Orleans...many people could have honest rode out the storm. The destruction is not from the hurricane, but rather from the flooding. So who could really predict that? Not the citizens of New Orleans and I hope that it is not them who people are putting the blame on. But there definitely are people out there who are doing that. Sorry for blowing up your blog, HC...that's my home, man, and I am getting kinda tired of all of the blame and judgement that is getting passed around when it is misplaced...

The Humanity Critic said...

To Anon:Show your identity and stop being a coward.

No president should be blamed for a hurricane, but he did underfund and slash fema's budget and the efforts to strengthen the levies. It has been aroundsince 1927, but gutting the entire program is not a mark of leadership.

How about Fema warning the Bush administration of the flooding issues of New Orleans, as well as an attack on New York city prior to 911? I mean, how much can you apologize for a totally inept administration? I think that Bush supporters are just adults in need of a father figure, or they have some sort of mental deficiency that needs to be addressed immediately before they start murdering puppies or masturbating to animal porn or some shit.

But this post, primarily was about Bush's history with african americans, which I see that you fail to touch upon. Hmm.

Maverick said...


coley said...

DANG HC!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth! I agree 100%!

Indigo Blue said...

Thank you!

I've been wondering when someone would point out the Emperor's New Clothes.

E to the dwige said...

Dude I saw the clip on someone's blog and was one of those YES! finally someone had the balls to say it moments.

I've been watching CNN all weekend and Wolf whatshisname keeps bringing that comment up with black politicians but I'm waiting for him and other reporters to address Kanye's comments to white politicians and Agency heads.

BlueAngel said...

I work for GWB and I too, am one who didn't vote for his silly ass...I also know that he doesn't care about black folk. This whole incident proves that the federal governement doesn't give a gat damn about us. Of course it's never been a mystery...but now it's tossed in our faces with salt in our eyes.

I'm infuriated by this blame game they're playing while people are stranded and dying in their own homes, the elderly and babies aren't getting food and water. People are plain weary. They knew damned well that the average person was not going to have the money to get out of town, they should have intervened and gotten those people out of there.

It's F-ing upsetting, when the members of the congressional delegations literally cry in frustration because their "fearless leader" hasn't done anything to help them or their people. Yes, their shit is under water too.

Sorry for the rant...I've gotten carried away.

msjaim said...

ill go ahead & apologize 4 the long ass comment right now...I got this off of another site

Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross
Establishment charities have history of withholding disaster funds

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | September 1 2005

As the aftermath of hurricane Katrina continues to wreak mayhem and havoc amid reports of mass looting, shooting at rescue helicopters, rapes and murders, establishment media organs are promoting the Red Cross as a worthy organization to give donations to.

The biggest website in the world,, displays a Red Cross donation link prominently on its front page.

Every time there is a major catastrophe the Red Cross and similar organizations like United Way are given all the media attention while other charities are left in the shadows. This is not to say that the vast majority of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in need.

But what the media fails consistently to remember in their promotion of the organization is that the Red Cross have been caught time and time again withholding money in the wake of horrible disasters that require immediate release of funds.

The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million. The Red Cross' explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help 'fight the war on terror'. To the victims, this meant that the money was going towards bombing broken backed third world countries like Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities, and not towards helping them rebuild their lives.

Then Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy arrogantly responded when questioned about the withholding of funds by stating, "The Liberty Fund is a war fund. It has evolved into a war fund."

Despite the family members of victims of 9/11 complaining bitterly to a House Energy and Commerce Committee's oversight panel, the issue seemed to be brushed under the carpet and the mud didn't stick.

The Red Cross' scandalous activities reach back far before 9/11.

After the devastating San Francisco earthquake in 1989, the Red Cross passed on only $10 million of the $50 million that had been raised, and banked the rest.

Similar donations after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the Red River flooding in 1997 were also greedily withheld.

Smaller charities that were involved with the 2004 Tsunami relief project went public to say that large charities like Red Cross and United Way were engaged in secret backroom negotiations with each other that meant a large portion of the donation money was purposefully restricted from reaching the most needy areas affected by the disaster.

The history is clear, the Red Cross and other large so-called charities are in actual fact front group collection agencies for the military industrial complex.

Many informed historians have even alleged that the Red Cross was used as a Skull and Bones cover to overthrow The Russian Czar and pave the way for the rise of the Bolsheviks.

Do not give any money to the Red Cross unless you support the expansion of empire abroad and police state at home. Find a smaller trustworthy organization in the local area of New Orleans and make your donation to them.

There are a few listed here (tho I'm leery of the United Way as well)

Check out this link :

Anonymous said...

Damn I already love this blog! I'll say it again and again Kanye is the man! He had the balls to say what nobody had the guts to say. No politicians, no celebs, no other public figures. I applaud him for not sugarcoating shit, this man is real. Gotta love him! I'm still laughing my butt off at Chris Tucker's "oh SHIT! what do I do now?" face after Kanye's statement LMAO!!

What pisses me off rightnow is Condoleezza Rice defending Bush, claiming that race had nothing to do with Katrina's aid. I'm disgusted. That bitch was STILL shopping in NYC daaays after Katrina had hit the south, she doesn't give a damn about the victims. But should I even be surprised?

Anyway, I'm really sorry to hear that about your friend Malcolm and his fiancee. I'm depressed rightnow seriously. I know people who still don't know where some of their relatives and friends are. And the media is trying to hide a lot of things. That was and is worse than what they show us. People had to push dead bodies (babies, kids, animals etc) out the way so they could float by. People got SHOT by national guardsmen because they were begging for water. I'm depressed people, I'm so so depressed.

I'm sorry I wrote here as if it was my damn blog, but I always type a lot. But anyway I just want to say stay strong everyone. STAY STRONG!

Aziza said...

Simply stated, you handled your business. You gave it to us straight with no chaser. Much respect.

Nikki said...

Most times I'd be the first to say that Kanye is an ass, but I'm soooo glad he said what so many of our people were thinking. Kudos for that, Mr. West!!

WMD defense specialist said...

Hey great post. I'm putting you on my reading list.

Carla said...

Kanye seemed nervous when he made his comment, but it went across quite well. I've been reading where so many are criticizing him. I just feel he was brave enough to speak his mind regarding the president.

By the way, Congratulations on your four Black Weblog Awards.

Brotha Buck said...


Hey man, I discovered your post soon after I posted my own thoughts on this topic. If you don't mind, I linked my post to yours. We are on opposing ends of the topic, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts and the differing opinions. Thats the beauty of the blogosphere.

Brotha Buck

Luke Cage said...

To Kanye, Let 'em hear ya holla man. To you HC, Damn, I can't stand anonymous posters who've got nothing productive to say. Don't even address 'em dawg. They just trying to stir shit up.

ManNMotion said...

I think Bush is like most politicians, and a lot of people, that care about one color before all others: Green

In other words, if you are going to make someone money in the near future, they don't care what color you are but they will pretend to be your best friend (as long as they believe you will make them money)...and if you are going to cost money in the near future, they don't care what color you are either, they just want you out of their hair.

I'm not a fan of Bush, nor of Kanye, but I am a huge fan of people who go so far as to open thier own doors to take in someone who needs to repatriate out of a bad situation be it NO or anyone else (speaking as a person who once had to accept such an offer).

Inside Man said...

Whoever thinks Bush/Fed Gov't/FEMA are not responsible for the recovery of a major catostrophe of this magnitude deserve a Dummy Smack. When the lives of hundreds of thousands are at stake you ecliped the risk of genocide, it's F'n anarchy! Dead bodies in the water, lawlessness, starvation, inhumane living conditions, infernos, suicide (<--cops!), are eligible reasons for a state of emergency and deserved the proper response. The Mayor cried on radio for help! That's how much his heart was in it for his people, this brotha bled his heart for the restoration for his city but a mayor only has so much power.

The President needs to prove Kanye wrong if his statement wasn't true. Where the fuck is the coalition of willing man....

Logan said...

Carla: "Kanye seemed nervous when he made his comment, but it went across quite well. I've been reading where so many are criticizing him. I just feel he was brave enough to speak his mind regarding the president."

That's one of the things that just made it for me. The fear he had coupled with the obvious need to say it, it was slightly heroic I must say, whether he is right or not, that's just true passion.

kg: "The President needs to prove Kanye wrong if his statement wasn't true."

That's been my argument to everyone who says West was wrong. Even if West was right you'd think Bush would have jumped his butt into gear to try and prove him wrong. Only thing I can figure is, like most politicians, he knows where his votes come from and he pretty much says screw everyone else.

spoonleg said...

I don't think GWB doesn't care about black people.

I think that GWB doesn't care about ANYONE who isn't generating money, fame or power on his behalf. He is hateful, irresponsible, incompetent, inconsiderate and the worst leader in the history of our country.

Nobody is benefitting from his presidency, other than himself and the already-wealthy Americans. The rest of us suffer... black, white, brown, yellow, pink. We suffer because this is the man that AMERICA, as a whole, elected to represent, protect, and guide us. What a shame.

Brother OMi said...

not to beef with no one but i had to defend my position:


1st of all big homie, you don't know me AT ALL. Currently, we are getting donations, making the contacts and connects for TWO brothers we know who are taking time off to drive the supplies themselves to the NO.

I hate to toot my own horn but,

Capoeira Uhuru Association (CUA) -- a capoeira crew we helped put together is performing at a local show to raise funds (on the day of my wife and I's 5th anniversary) part of Earthdance

tommorrow we have a meeting to organize the hip-hop community in Hampton Roads to raise funds as well.

Kathy Lewis of NPR's Hearsay ( a good colleague of mine) got me on the ball getting folks who have missing relatives to call in the show so that SHE can make connects.

I am currently work with some folks to put together a gang truce to set up a gang peace treaty as well. I intend on convincing these gangs to use their muscle to get involved in local politics.

I have been a part and have organized VOTER EDUCATION drives (notice i did not say voter registration) and i sit on the Norfolk Selective Service Board JUSt in case a draft comes out.

you can ask humanity critic to verify this. I know him personally. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that this cat never "sits up."

so Maverick, i think i am doing what i can do from this vantage point. I think i have the right to point fingers and place blame (heck i spend enough time away from my family to ensure that other families stay together, people get educated, etc.)

I can also see that you know NOTHING of local politics. Yes it is expensive to raise funds to raise a levee. It also costs loot to maintain one (you don't just build one and leave it alone).

I feel however that all levels of gov't are to blame. Mr. Nagin urged all of his citizens to evacuate and KNEW that thousands of folks would be stranded (ironically no one is owning up to who made the decision to cram all those folks in the Superdome). The governor sent troops to 'Shoot to kill.' (ironically, Louisiana has 4,000 National Guard troops in Iraq, the governor has the right to override an executive decision to pull National Guard troops until the end of Bush's 1st term , it was our Congress that passed this bill).

but lets not even go there. I come from a city that depends heavily on tourist dollars. What can happen in NO can happen here in hampton roads BUT our city council men and women, mayors, local state delegates, etc. choose to spend money on the affluent areas and tourists attractions instead of what needs to be fixed. Virginia has 8,000 bridges with 6,000 that are on emergency repair. Local counties can easily fix this but choose to allow developers to come in and build golf courses. The wetlands of Virginia, natural buffers against hurricanes, etc., are constantly being encroached by developers who want create expensive housing that working class folks can't afford.

What happened in the NO is way deeper than any of us realize. I am not blaming the Hurricane on anyway just its effects because the damage could not have been this bad if all the levels of gov't did what they were supposed to do.

what really trips me out big homie, is that i read your blog in which YOU yourself place blame... keep it real dude.

Jdid said...

well said bro
I hope that your friend shows up alive.

Breez said...

First and foremost, I hope that they find your boy. I went for some days not knowing where friends and family were and that's a hell that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

Second, have you noticed that folks saying the most uninformed, ass-holistic shit ALWAYS like to remain anonymous. There's nothing I love more than a bitch ass blogger.

Repairing the levee system goes so far beyond what the local (FLAT BROKE) or even state government can do, and the federal government knows it and has known it for years. That has been a bone of contention in this city for an extremely long time.

In a city that has never had a mandatory evacuation, 80% of the people evacuated and more were brought to the Superdome, the only place that could withstand the hurricane, Sunday night. I could go on and on since this hits so close to home for me, literally, but I've already run sort of long. Peace.

Breez said...

@Omi, though I agree with a lot of what you said, there was transportation provided to the Superdome at several locations which were aired on the local news throughout the day Sunday. I'm not putting the blame solely on the federal government, but having seen much of what the local government (not so much state initially) tried to accomplish with the first mandatory evacuation in at least the last 30 years ofcity's history, I think they did the best they could with what they had. The fact is, there the majority of folks that stayed or couldn't get out didn't really worry about it too much because they'd been through other hurricanes. My own neighbor refused my offer to bring her somewhere because, as she stated "I made it through Betsey and Camille." This was really just a horrible situation all the way around and thousands are dead as a result.

Kathryn said...

All I can say "thank you somebody said it."

Liza Valentino said...

Kanye said what most have beem IMPLYING. He just got hella blunt with the shit.

What I loved about his tangent was the fact that you could tell it was unrehearsed, straight from the heart and real. Kanye is my man, hundred grand off this shit.


Bill O Reilly hated on him last night. That redneck loves all this race issues for his show.

Doreen said...

@ msjaim... a mind is a terrible thing to waste


Deirdre said...

Yes I will say it again like I said on my boi teej's blog...

It's good to see someone BIG BALLED enough to SUCKER PUNCH GWB in the face on NATIONAL T.V.:)


**RPM** said...

Congrats on landsliding the Black Blog awards Critic. Well done. I hope you're feeling the love, man.

As for Kanye...good on him.



Rachwell said...

Louis Black said it best, bring back Reagan...I don't always agree with our leaders, whether I voted for them or not. It's impossible to always agree with a president, and while I find Bush easier to deal with than Kerry, I am dissappointed with the recent events. September 11 would have happend without regard to who was president and so would this storm, we should have responded with much more efficiency.

Bomani said...

Kanye won't get Dixie Chicked, I don't think. Unlike them, Kanye is in a genre that leans to the left. Had the Dixie Chicks been the Down South Gangsta Bitches, they would have been okay.

Maverick said...

@Omi: I think you had better slow yourself down a little bit, man. First of all, I didn't come at you. I just said that I didn't feel the blame fell as much on the mayor as it did on the federal government, which it doesn't. Then yes, it takes money to maintain a levy (sp??), but that money is not funded in majority by local funds. And don't come at me with what you think I know and don't know, because just like you said, you don't know me...

You want to get on the defensive about what you and your capoeira club are doing, but I never said you yourself were doing or not doing. My statement was a general statement about the blame that is being placed all over, and it was not directed at you in particular. I am clarifying that with you, but don't approach me on some internet beef shit because I am not for it. You may have read my blog, but I didn't place blame on the mayor anywhere in there. So...big homie...if you have anymore beef to take up with me, let me know and I can give you a place to reach me. Just as bad as people who do this anonymous posting is people beefing over the internet...once again, you don't know me either...

Logan said...

Bomani: "Kanye won't get Dixie Chicked, I don't think. Unlike them, Kanye is in a genre that leans to the left. Had the Dixie Chicks been the Down South Gangsta Bitches, they would have been okay."

That would have made for some interesting music right there.

KHALLI 88 said...

I will take it a step further to say George Bush dosen't care about people period only those that he can benefit or turn profit, that is what has caught some conservative Americans most off guard. He simply is dollar, dollar bill yah'll and texas tea (oil)

Damn can Pat Robinson put that fool George W. on his short list off folks to replace in power???

Brother OMi said...


but you did place blame, right? whether it was the mayor or the president, you still placed blame then you urged "the rest of us" to NOT place blame. I think that is unfair.

I don't do internet beefs and I ONLY get personal when someone does something like "@Omi." if you were making a general statement you would have left it general but you didn't. "@Omi" or "@Maverick" denotes that the statement is directed at someone, right?

so i am defensive but i feel its rightly so. no one is threatening you or asking you to meet me somewhere.

I have every right to defend my position especially when folks is typing "@Omi."

I also find that you should re-read my 2nd post because you missed plenty.

Brother OMi said...

@breez, i feel you. i can't front, we braved Isabel and even though she was a category I, I won't ever do that again.

Court said...


I have liked Kanye from jump though. I know some could have done without him. It takes some big balls to do what he did on that telethon and I applaud him very loudly for doing so.

msjaim said...

Spread love brothers ... the best thing we can do is share formation

Yasmin Shiraz said...

Kanye is going places where other people are too afraid. He is brazen and intellectual - a rare find in today's society. I applaud him. And whether folks agree with his opinion or not, you betta best believe his voice was heard around the world and the government responded. In the end, we needed them to respond. So, the goal was achieved.

introspectre said...

Amen, amen, amen!

It takes a big man to tell it like it is. And he did. Hell, yes.

Maverick said...

@Omi: I put @Omi, not because I was attacking you, but rather because I was commenting on things that were written in your comments. I did that because HC has a huge following and to really know who anyone is speaking to, you have to do I wasn't coming at you like, "Brother Omi ain't doing shit." In fact, I said "...but what are alot of 'us' doing...nothing," which is not directly pointed at anyone. So you felt the need to personalize the comment on your own...

As far as meeting somewhere and what not, it is not that serious. I said you can "reach" me...if you wanted to discuss it, I have e-mail...I have a phone. If it was something else, then it could have been something else. But whatever it was, it would be on you and how you approached the situation. So you might need to chill out and just take my statements like I am taking your statements. I may have missed something in what you wrote...tensions are high right now. But you are evidently missing something big enough to admit that. And the whole tooting your horn thing...chill with that too. Because while you are planning all of that stuff, people are still you and I are talking. So let us not talk about it, let's be about and me both...

August said...

One of your most truthful and straight-up posts ever. Hell, this is one of the most truthful ON THE NET. I'm angry at myself for being so naive; thinking that black americans (you know we get the lowercase "A") who vote the wrong way would be taken care of. None of those people were considered. When I was watching the news 72 hours before Katrina made landfall I kept repeating aloud, "What are the poor, elderly, and disabled going to do? I haven't heard evacuation plans for them."

Now all of a sudden, people are surprised? This tragedy shouldn't have become this bad. All those buses, helicopters, etc. should have responded as soon as meteorologists said, "This is going to be the worst storm this area has ever seen, and chances are that people who remain will die." They didn't even stay through the storm's initial landfall.

With such a bleak prognosis, I was naive enough to think people would do their jobs. Come on! FEMA? The National Guard is in Iraq! Fire fighters and transit authority officials are doing the Guard's job. The president has reduced the funding every year for New Orleans' levee system.... and we're surprised?

I'm so angry I'm still crying. I hope your friend is okay. I heard from one of my friends and almost broke something when she told me what she went through.

ads510 said...

great post & thanks for checking out my blog. along the lines of kanye's rant against dubya, did you hear what diddy said about katrina? He just commented that our media has been able to get cameras and sound equipment, etc, down there, but they can't get food and clean water. go figure, right? i hope your friend turns up in the madness down there.

Brother OMi said...


Honestly, you need to re-read your statements and then re-read mine. I never said to reach me anywhere, you did.

I never said anything about internet beefs FIRSt, you did. All i did was say that I don't do them.

TWICE, you have not addressed ANY of the issues I discussed in each of my comments and YOU have not answered the questions i asked you in the my second comment.

Come on dude. admit it, YOU got personal when you put my name at the beginning of your comment. I was only defending my position. I expect ANYONE to do the same if i put their name at the beginning of a comment and pretty much question his or her integrity or work. I don't understand how you can do that and then ask the person you offend to "admit" one thing or another. I also can't see how you can place my name at the top of your comment and then say that you were making a general statement towards everyone instead of "anyone."

Here is the kicker, YOU SAID "So...big homie...if you have anymore beef to take up with me, let me know and I can give you a place to reach me. Just as bad as people who do this anonymous posting is people beefing over the internet...once again, you don't know me either..."

then you said "As far as meeting somewhere and what not, it is not that serious. I said you can "reach" me...if you wanted to discuss it, I have e-mail...I have a phone. If it was something else, then it could have been something else. But whatever it was, it would be on you and how you approached the situation."

I think someone else needs to do some "admitting" and apologizing.

the only person I need to apologize or admit anything to is Humanity Critic because I am on HIS blog.

Maverick said...

@Omi: Dude, this is old. First of all, I never denied that I said you could reach me...that is very blatantly written in my statement. But whereas you take reach me to some far-fetched meaning, you can "reach" me on my cell or you can "reach" me at my e-mail address. So dude, you need some time to just sit and chill on that. Everyone doesn't use "reach" in the same sense that you do, perhaps...

Secondly, I made the comment about internet beefs by saying that I don't do them either. So I really don't see where the misunderstanding is in that. If we both don't do them, then what exactly is this about?

I don't have to admit shit. You have quoted me and I have not contradicted myself. You keep throwing stuff out there, but I am not deny what you are saying. So what exactly are you trying to prove?

Just as I said, I didn't come on HC's site putting @Omi because I was trying to beat you up. I put that because I was directly responding to you and not just making a general comment in the comments section. So, in order for you to know that I was speaking to you, I put @Omi...simple as that. Don't question what my intention was because you don't know it. Very plain as day, I wrote the words "us" in my statement, showing that I was being all-inclusive as well as generalizing...

This is very pointless at this point. I clarified myself to you...either you are going to accept it or not. I do apologize to HC for blowing up his blog like bad, dude. As for you, no apologies are forthcoming because I don't owe them to you. You want to go around pointing fingers and then talking about people that you know and who you are talking to in order to do this and that. That is irrelevant. Granted, I made a generalizing statement, it was for the purpose of making us come to a realization rather than arguing about who is doing what. I don't have to quote for you what I am doing and what I am not doing because it is not for your benefit that I am doing it. So, I will drop it because this is someone else's blog that I am disrespecting with all of this. If you want to "reach" me (and I say this how I meant it and not how you take it), then let me know. Otherwise, you need to drop this fake beef because it really isn't worth the time it takes to write it...

Maverick said...

@Omi: And you are correct. I didn't address your second comment, because the second that you came at me sideways, the conversation was over. I didn't question your integrity, but that is the way that you took it. If you felt I was coming at you wrong, then you ask me to clarify myself, which I have no problem doing. But when you want approach the situation as you have done, you cause it to end the way that it has...speak to me like a man and I have no choice but to do the same to you in kind. But when you talk about what I do and don't know, then I have no choice to assume that you speak out of ignorance. This is not real beef so on the real, I have no problem with you. But watch how you approach someone...this internet beefing that you are doing is for the birds...

Rudi said...

Fantastic post. I can't help but agree with everything you say about Bush and his lack of skills: leadership skills, caring skills, etc.

When I was last out in Utah a few weeks ago, I ran into some people who saw my "Want Our Nation's Dignity Back? Vote Democrat" button and said "they're a bunch of commies!" My reply was simple: what was the last thing President Bush did to directly help you. The response? Silence, followed by a "dunno."

Kudos - and thanks for viting my blog!

alicia said...

Terrific Blog! I love your comments on Kanye and your political views are right on. Keep up the great work. :-)

Brother OMi said...


i will leave it at that. You still have not addressed ANYTHING i keep bringing up to you.

And again you did not address ANYTHING in my third comment so obviously i am wasting my time with you.

You continue to mis-read what I am telling you. AGAIN, i would not have went off on you if you did not address me in the first place.

I cannot see how you miss that. like i stated in the THIRD COMMENT YOU MISSED :

>>I think someone else needs to do some "admitting" and apologizing.<<

Maverick said...

How did I guess that you came back here and had to have the last word...dude, I cannot believe you even made this comment...

"..You continue to mis-read what I am telling you. AGAIN, i would not have went off on you if you did not address me in the first place..."

If I had not addressed you??? Are you serious??? So you are telling me that your comments are things that I cannot respond to? Is that what this is really about? Because what I said to you was not disrespectful. So what you are basically saying is that people can't come on here and talk to you? If that is the case, then I completely understand where you are coming from and I leave you to your own opinions and views...

Nia said...

I normally don't jump on the bandwagon (late at that) when something has been said a million times over, but fuckit...excellent post! FUCKING EXCELLENT! I hope your friend found his way to safety...

Frustrated American said...

Great site, speak your mind we as Americans better start or we all will be in trouble. The bumbling idiots in office sure as hell are not looking after us. Walmart cards great idea.