Tuesday, April 24, 2007

HumanityCritic's Plug of the Week: "The J.Pitts Show"

Like any elderly person who actually made something of their existence will tell you, life is one big learning experience - regardless how smart you think you are, life has a way of humbling you based on what you don't know. Even though Hip Hop has taught me many things: to know what I'm talking about before criticizing it(based on three decades of know-nothing detractors), if it wasn't for Chuck and KRS the only "community Outreach" that I would be a part of would be penetrating as many women in my neighborhood as humanly possible - and I'm certain that any writing talent that I may have comes from those boring history classes where I would carefully construct battle rhymes littered with metaphors and similes. But now, at the grizzled age of 33 mind you, I still find myself learning lessons - as I stare at my "Return of the Jedi" poster I have to say, Hip Hop has a great way of making a feared Jedi warrior feel like an entry level padawan learner. For example, based on how many glass licking younger adults that I've met, and all the embarrassing blogs from people who claim that they love Hip Hop - I had pretty much decided that if you were a certain age bracket that you couldn't know shit about real Hip Hop.

Keep in mind, I know that such sweeping generalizations had a great statistical chance of biting me in the ass at some later date - but I stuck to my guns, spouting my new found belief as belligerently as a Hillbilly who constantly quotes specific bible passages that he believes proves his theory that black folks are inferior. Again, Hip Hop has a way of humbling you. I started to meet young cats who were B-Boys, dudes who were hardly coherent when "Illmatic" came out were spinning shit like "Funky 4+1" at their respective DJ gigs, cats who were 15 years my junior started schooling me on aspects of Graffiti that I never knew existed. All of this brings me to J.Pitts.

My good friend Iselfra Hipped me to it(like he does so many other things), and I couldn't get enough of his show. At the age of 24, he lays down the final bitch-slap in terms of my preconceptions - creating a radio show full of dope Hip Hop from the planet of Pittsburgh Pa. A soothing stream of underground sounds to wash that Clear Channel Hip Hop off of you soul, a kind of uncut dopeness for your sensibilities - quickly making you forget about all those "Hip Hop Bloggers" who want you to respect them, despite the fact that they try to get their love of Chamillionaire, Jim Jones, and Lil Wayne by you without you noticing. Check him out here, tell him your boy HumanityCritic sent you.

(Shout out to J.pitts for shouting me out on his show. Based on his most recent show, I must feel the urge to put one of my quotes in the proper context..lol:)

"I was hipped to it recently and lately your site is one of my constant on-line rotations, outside of Janeane Garafolo fan-sites, and any porn site that features thick Asians and cock-eyed midgets with a penchant for being humiliated."


P-Matik said...

DJ Nice Rec is tight. I saw him out in Pittsburgh two weeks ago.

The Baker said...

That photo of them is nice as shit. Imma start listening.

Brother OMi said...

see hip hop ain't dead...