Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Top 25 Hip Hop Albums

Peace to straightbangin for sparking this post, here is my Top 25 Hip Hop albums of all time. Tell me what you think, good list, am I full of shit, should I collect social security as soon as Humanly possible? Express yourselves, you fucking sinners.

1.Public Enemy: "It takes a Nation of Millions"

2.Ice Cube: "Death Certificate"

3.Nas: "Illmatic"

4.A Tribe Called Quest: "Midnight Maurauders"

5.Eric B and Rakim: "Paid in Full"

6.O.C: "Word..Life"

7.Boogie Down Productions: "Criminal Minded"

8.De la Soul: "De La Soul is Dead"

9.Big Daddy Kane: "Long Live the Kane"

10.Biggie: "Ready to Die"

11.A Tribe Called Quest: "The Low End Theory"

12.Ice Cube: "Amerikkas Most Wanted"

13.Gangstarr: "Daily Operation"

14.Slick Rick: "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick"

15.The Roots: "Illadelph Halflife"

16.Biz Markie: "Goin' Off"

17.Run D.M.C: "Raising Hell"

18.Epmd: "Strictly Business"

19.Redman: "Whut? Thee Album"

20.Pete Rock & Cl Smooth: "Mecca and the Soul Brother"

21.A Tribe Called Quest: "People's Instinctive Travels"

22.MC Lyte: "Lyte as a Rock"

23.The D.O.C: "No one Can do it better"

24.Mos Def: "Black on Both Sides"

25.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper"


Belve said...

Ok.. the list is Very tight (please stop trying to hide the Geritol, we see the bottle).
I would sub AmeriKKKas Most Wanted with Southernplayalisticcadillacmusik
and Goin Off with Black Star.

This post makes me want to go play rap ssongs that were made before '89 and watch all the youngsters look dumbfounded then try to fake like they know what they are hearing.

Unknown said...

hahah @ the geritol comment above. ;)

I gotta agree with adding in the blackstar album...although I think Aquemini would be a better pick for an outkast album.

For your picks I'm right there with you...especially on Nas, The Roots, EPMD, Erik B & Rakim, the Black on Both Sides Album...but I think Tribe's Beats, Rhymes and Life was their best. I'm partial to the pharcyde too.

Vman said...

this feels wrong without reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

Black Star has to be there. I give Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night an honerable mention because it got me through highschool, but it shouldn't make a top 25 of all time. Enter The Wu is a must!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta slip Ultramagnetic's "Critical Beatdown" in there someplace. Black Moon "Enta Da Stage" can get it too. Have a soft spot for Del's "No Need For Alarm" in the same way the previous poster feels about Camp Lo (also a dope record)...not good enough for this list, but comfort food same way. Hard to know what to remove though...

Anonymous said...

You have excellent tastes in hip-hop. I really appreciated that you added Jazzy Jeff's and the Fresh Prince's He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper.

I can't stand that their contributions to hip-hop are often overlooked because they are not "hard", but Jeff and Will gave us some top quality hip-hop. Hard or not.

My all time favorite CD is Ice Cube's Death Certificate. It's a testament to what hip-hop can be when in balance. I'm in agreement with the majority of your list, albeit with some shuffling of the order.

Wesley said...

Glad your showing some Mos Def love,sweet. Ah, unfortunately for me I am stuck working with people who are MASSIVE Lil' Wayne fans. Let me tell you, after listen to hours of this unformed watery shit of an artist (who is about a cunt's hair away from Steppit and Fetchit) you appreciate the brillance of Mos Def,Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim etc...

Anonymous said...

as long as REDMAN made the list, I'll keep coming back to read your blog- but I would have perferred Muddy Water's- eh, not my list

Anonymous said...

I'm sure my age will show with this comment, but I don't care. What about Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Reasonable Doubt? Those are two of my favorites. Good job on including Gangstarr. I would also have included 36 chambers (mentioned earlier) and Soul Food... but that's just me. Good list if you were born before the Nixon era. Hahahahaha.

Justin said...

I totally agree with #1 - PE in full effect - but where's Fear of a Black Planet?


Yous Got to add some of these guys:::
Jeru, Digable Planets, Boogiemonsters, alcoholics, smiff n wessun, blackmoon, 1st gravediggaz, mood, lewis parker, artifacts, 1st swollen members. camp lo, 1st pharcyde, 1st typical cats, nine, 1st the coup, brand nubian, dead prez, Mr. Lif?