Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Making of the Ban": Rappers will still find ways to disrespect women(

The other night, for the first time since the Clinton impeachment hearings, I had a bona fide date that didn't require a financial transaction. Granted, the sex not being a usual guaranteed occurrence kind of sucked, but having someone that actually liked me for me made a brother feel like less of a scumbag for once - there's something special about a chick hanging on your every word, instead of her having that ever so loving "I'm only listening to this chubby bastard talk about Hip Hop all night long because he's paying" look in her eyes. We did what any single 30-somethings would do, we had a great dinner even after I blurted out a turrets-like "If you order from the right side of the menu, baby we're fucking!!", we talked about the charred remains and dismembered bodies that made up our past relationships - she was so cool and old school, she didn't even throw a drink in my face when I said that preceding our first sexual experience I wanted Heavy D's "Mr Big Stuff" to play in the background while I walk in the room grabbing my cock while swaying back and forth to the beat. When we got back to my crib I didn't even think about making a move, sure I had the utmost respect for this woman, but it had more to do with the fact that saying amateurish shit like "I want to make love to your throat!" wouldn't go over so well - besides, her shirt was kind of a silky material, if any miscellaneous ejaculate landed on that I'm sure she'd have her hand out like a Maitre d'. So any act of kindness on my part that night was simply thought of as a booty investment, coming off as the gracious host with a heart of gold I knew would pay off at some point - whenever she decided to 'deposit" that ass on to me, to continue with the banking metaphor a bit further.(Read more here)

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