Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Fuck New York"

Just to put this video in the proper context, it was done by a group(counterconvention) that was against the 2004 Republican National Convention being held in New York City. Maybe I'm just late as usual and I'm the only person who hasn't seen this clip until now, but it still stands up based on the events of the day. For a guy who tucked his genitalia and ran in the other direction when Vietnam came knocking, he sure doesn't have a problem playing the bully - doing whatever the fuck he wants, saying "What?? Say Something!!" whenever anyone even mildly objects. He's been giving the American people atomic wedgies for the past 6 years, merciless toilet swirlies to the press - and all we can do is shake our collective heads as he holds our congress upside down by their ankles, completely punking them by taking their lunch money. "President, the American people completely object to this war!" Fuck you, so what? "President, your approval ratings are lower than a gang-banger's jeans or the comedic sensibilities of Tyler Perry!" Fuck you, kick rocks motherfucker!! "President, Scooter Libby is going to jail for Perjury!" No he's not!!!

Since it looks like this bully will continue to run ruff-shot over our country until the day that he cleans out his office, lets just hope that the history books will give this drooling incompetent the beat-down that he deserves.


" B " said...

Well said my Caucasian brother. Not only is the political satire accurate the mannerism and slang is so "gangsta". I can see these dudes hanging out in front of my bodega scrounging up change for a Dutch, just beautiful. I have never found myself a political brotha (don’t vote). Which I’m sure most of you out there would say shame on me blah blah blah. My state didn’t drop the big deuce on the election (as so mentioned in the clip)so deal. Enjoyed the clip and I say Fuck New York love you to Death.

Brother OMi said...

don't worry, g. we will give him a big fat F when we write our political history of the second bush regime.

derek said...

Cheney and Bush are gangsta...literally. They think they can just run shit the way they want to run shit and wipe their asses with the Constitution.

And I wish the Dems would call those cats out.