Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lets Edit These Jar-Jar Binx's Out of Hip Hop(

When it comes to the episodic science fantasy saga that is the Star Wars series, I'm probably what you'd call a mid-level fan. I've seen every movie and know all the major plot points, but I couldn't tell you what planet each character was from or what kind of fuel the Millennium Falcon ran on. True, I've caught peoples punches in mid-air during fights and screamed out "Jedi!", and women who've ever proclaimed their love for me were immediately met with an "I know!" response ala Han Solo in "The Empire Strikes Back." But if you asked me what kind of weapon Boba Fett uses, or how many people an AT-AT walker can hold - a blank stare will encompass my chubby visage as if you just asked me to recite a Lil Wayne lyric. A few chicks that I've dated have been Star War purists as well, a rather touchy bunch let me tell you - completely frowning on me making light saber sounds with each pelvic thrust, while receiving a very spirited "mouth hug" saying "The force is strong with this one," and referring to Lando Calrissian as "that 40oz drinking woman beater." Not to mention that one time I very cavalierly wiped my nether regions on a woman's "Princess Leia" throw pillows post coitus.(Read more here)

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