Friday, July 06, 2007

Somebody give David Shuster his own show already!

People have been asking me over the past month or so why I've avoided politics, making it clear that they like my blog better when I mixed some current events in with me talking about my phallic "Black myth ruiner". To be completely honest with you, on a political level, this administration has made a brother feel like the human embodiment of the Washington Generals. You remember that team that was designated to play the Harlem Globetrotters each night? Yes, them. It seems that no matter how articulately you state the case that the administration wipes its ass with the Bill of Rights and takes 40 oz pisses on Habeus Corpus, write passionate editorials about what is possibly the most disastrous presidency in United States' History, and yell to the highest mountaintops all the lies that were told to get us into this clusterfuck of a war - the administration just does what it wants, throws pies in our faces, and runs the score up on us with reckless abandon.(continuing the Harlem Globetrotter metaphor) The media hasn't helped my sour mood either, talk show hosts who supposedly have no political agenda allowing their guests to lie directly in their faces - it seems that our news in the states is so inept, that I've been reduced to fucking a local political science professor while watching BBC news to get some sort of accuracy.

That being said, this is a clip where political reporter David Shuster gives the proverbial bitchslap to Tucker Carlson - the way he just cuts through that right-wing spin concerning Joesph Wilson is sort of inspiring. I know, Tucker is a pair of tits who got owned by Jon Stewart a while back - but you hardly ever see any of these talking heads getting taken to task in such a way. Shuster also, well, I don't want to say that he "owns" Ron Christie since he's white and Christie is black - even I won't go there. But in this clip he hands Mr. Christie his ass as well, systematically breaking down Dick Cheney's favorite house negro(I will go there) on the whole Scooter Libby ordeal. I say that MSNBC give Mr. Shuster his own show, who's with me?

You know what, when I was a kid I actually saw a Harlem Globetrotters game where the Washington Generals beat them by the slimest of margins. I'm sure it wasn't planned like that, and every motherfucker on that Generals team was probably replaced the next day - but if they can fight back on some "I've had enough!" shit, I guess I can do the same.


Richard said...

How about throwing Tucker Carlson's unfunny ass off the air and give Shuster his slot!?

BLESSD1 said...

OMG! Maybe it's just me, but has anyone else noticed that when every right-wing talking-head is being "OWNED" by ANYONE on their show, their volume increases proportionately to the decrease of their ability to allow anyone else to finish a statement? LOL! That is HILARIOUS!!! Tucker got owned. Richard is right. Throw Tucker's corny ass off the air and give Shuster his slot! LOL!