Friday, September 07, 2007

Is Rudy Giuliani the Lil Wayne of Politics?

Rudy's penchant for cross-dressing has been well documented, I've never seen a man look more comfortable wearing make up and flowing blouses(outside of Boy George that is) and we all know how Lil Wayne likes to tongue kiss grown men that he refers to as "daddy" - but the similarities don't stop with both of them having lifetime subscriptions to "Men's Health" for all the wrong reasons and purchasing "anal ease" in bulk. I always felt that Rudy's "hero" tag was completely bogus, there is evidence to the contrary for Christs sake - but as we all know the media has propped that motherfucker up like he was personally carrying people out of The World Trade Center on 9/11. Whenever I encountered some right-wing ass-hat who sheepishly bought the media's bill of goods on Mr. Giuliani and attempted to knock down their hero a few pegs with some bona fide truths - they always attempt to shout me down with irrelevant counter-arguments, the adult version of covering your ears while screaming "Naa-Naaa-Naaa-Naaa". Its the same thing with Lil Wayne, people have tried to tell me how great of an artist he is and that I should give him a chance - but everything that I've ever heard from him has been remarkably wack(See: Verse on Kanye's "Barry Bonds"), I just don't see what people's admiration for the guy is. Claims of Lil Wayne's "great lyricism" is like that friend in High School who wanted you to believe that he had a girlfriend and that she lived in Canada - despite how lovely he claimed she was and all the salacious sex stories, there was never any evidence that that broad ever existed.


Vman said...

couldn't agree with you more, the worst part is that even real music critics like lil wayne, he was in the fucking new yorker for chrissakes, somebody needs to get throat chopped, except it's at the new yorker so you would end up killing them, and they'd press charges unlike everybody else you beat up (why is that?), so yeah I guess you'll just have to do the naa naa naa thing and hope the world gets better, by the way, thoughts on graduation? and while I didn't mind paul wall's verse on late registration (every kanye album must have one shitty rapper, look it up it's a law), lil wayne's was truly shitty.

Sherlon Christie said...

I'm not as violent as vman...but agree with what vman said. Lil wayne is a disgrace to hip hop.

Janee TMB said...

Weezy is inconsistent and frequently under the influence but he's not half the shmuck Rudy Giuliani is!