Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MC Serch Feat.Chubb Rock,Nas---Back To The Grill

MC Serch Feat.Chubb Rock,Nas---Back To The Grill

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On top of having a weekend that my liver will never forgive me for, I've acquired a rather nasty summer-time cold - that's what I get for tongue-kissing strangers who I haven't let a multitude of doctors and specialists administer thorough diagnostic checks yet. As I was buzzing off of "Theraflu" - hoping that one of the chicks I contacted through craigslist would bring some chicken soap in route to give me a mouth-hug, I saw something on television entitled the "Ozone Music Awards". As I watched in amazement, not the "I can't believe all the great music being celebrated" type but the "I can't believe that hooker is actually taking that pounding from that donkey" variety - I was just intrigued that so many of the acts that I sincerely loathe happened to be under one roof. That's when I thought about MC Serch's line in "Back to the Grill": "So here's a true and false, tell me if it's factual/ You wanna kill the Klan, shoot the fans a tractor pull". I mean, I would never condone the merciless killing of thousands of my brothers and sisters - but it makes you think, would the musical landscape be vastly improved if the location of the said award show happened to be the next al Qaeda target?

Ok, suggesting murder for the sake of improving Hip Hop doesn't make me any better than crazies like Ann Coulter - so let me take a step back from my previous statements because they are indeed rather extreme. But I'm just saying, if you ever are going through a serious bout of depression, just go to youtube and find clips of the Ozone Awards show - find solace in the fact that there are thousands of people that you are better than.


hottnikz said...

That whole show was a mess. Sorry to be like this I really don't care much for todays hip hop right now, and the majority of the music I'm not feeling is coming from the south. Especially that damn snap music.WTF is that? It reminds me of that movie "Bamboozled" Souja Boy & the like playing "Mantan",lol. I couldn't watch the whole show but I'm sure it was as horrible as the part I saw, maybe even worst.

Thembi Ford said...

YES! I've had a piece of this song in my head since like 1999 and couldn't articulate it to anyone OR figure out where it was from. A total Al Bundy 'mm mm him' moment. Thanks!