Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My daily attempt to resurrect Hip Hop: EPMD - "You gots to chill"

When I first started this blog I imagined that my humor and my all around craftsmanship behind a computer's keyboard would keep my social calender filled up - even designating a dresser drawer for all the exotic panties I'd collect on some Ghostface "Damn right I fuck fans" shit. Unfortunately, after four years, I've only witnessed one person naked who reads this blog regularly - and that didn't end well too well, I vaguely remember an angry email where she claimed that I was as romantic as a "prison rape". You can't please them all I guess, but I recall the exact incident that would make her say that - the both of us sitting in the back of my muscle car, me suggesting that she briefly get off on my gear shift, me pointing to my new air freshener when she asked me why I never bought her flowers. Yes, Good times. But one thing that she said that night really stuck to me, she said "You write about Hip Hop with such passion, why can't that passion relate to your sex-life? Where is the child-like exuberance for me?" That when I retorted, "Child-like? You've seen my penis haven't you?" But all jokes aside, when each member of EPMD is playfully dancing in the background while the other is rapping - it sort of encapsulates a playful innocence that I wish Hip Hop would get back to.


hottnikz said...

I don't believe that you are really that bad with women. Nobody is that bad. Nobody is that big of an asshole. My guess is that you wish you were the asshole you so eloquently write about. Just know that if I was in VA I would try to holla @ you regardless.

Brother OMi said...

cats rhyming in an ice factory
i miss that