Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barack Obama has a black belt in calling out ignorance

Now that I'm a couple of years shy of the age my father was when I was born, not only have I been seriously thinking about injecting some poor soul with my demon-seed as of late - I've also started to take stock of all the undesirable qualities that I've unfortunately inherited from my old man. My unreasonable impatience, hair trigger temper, tactless nature, my penchant for being habitually late, being susceptible to cinematic tearjerkers - all things that I hoped would skip over yours truly and hopefully affect one of my future crumb-snatchers. But to be honest, there are some not-so-great qualities that I've inherited from my old man that I fully embrace. The first one, something I've desperately hoped for ever since my very inebriated grandmother punched me in the face circa 85' - is that I'm a rather jovial drunk. The second, my chubbiness - sure, it would be great to be cut up like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" - but my self esteem is intact solely because a beer gut shields my eyes from a part of my anatomy that I refer to as "the black myth ruiner". Lastly, even though exhibiting this viewpoint hardly wins me any friends - but like my old man, I rudely call people out for having I.Q's south of room temperature. My father, who was in the military for 30 years before being a master mechanic, would make grown men in his shop weep whenever they incorrectly installed a part or expressed logic that he found to be tortured. Unlike him, I'm not in the business of berating friends and loved ones, I channel my inner asshole for good and not evil - but people ranging from strangers to acquaintances get the business end of ridicule whenever something utterly foolish escapes their uninformed mandible. That's why I dig our new president so much, because it looks like he's inherited that same asshole gene as well.

In the video above, after hearing John "leather-face" Boehner and Eric "soul of a game show host" Cantor speak to any media outlet that would have them and shamelessly lie about his stimulus package - our Commander in Chief corrects the record with a time honored "what are you, fucking retarded?" tone to his rhetoric. I love that. I hold the firm belief that ignorance shouldn't be met with civility but hostility, not with measured responses but with sarcasm and contempt. That way of thinking is underlined when he exhaustively asks, "What do you think a stimulus is?", and firmly states "That's the point!". This tactic isn't new to the President, remember when he chin checked the GOP concerning tire gauges - same tone, same scrappy insistence to get in the middle of the ring and trade with ignorance. Hold on to your hats, the next four years is going to get very interesting. My dad would be so proud.


Anonymous said...

effing brilliant, actually.

shewritesstuff said...

That's why I dig our new president so much, because it looks like he's inherited that same asshole gene as well.

some of my best relationships have been with assholes

MissEbony2U said...

I'm almost as impressed with your writing as I am with his sarcastic responses.

DvusRai said...

WOW! That is all that needs to be said when talking about our 44th president. WOW! Im not digging on the stimulus package. Think more should be done for small businesses & less for wall street since they are the ones that got us in this mess, but whatever President Obama decides I shall ride with him. The man has been spot on since he started & Ill be damned if Im gonna question his judgment now.

eromedome22 said...

Great read. I only hope I can take a page out of Obama's book, and instill these same tactics in my everyday life.

The Humanity Critic said...

"you're a pussy bitch. you can't debate me so you block my ass on mysapce."

Actually I was wrecking your feeble little world on myspace - it was getting sad. Besides, lets leave bitches out of this - no one was talking about your mother.

"Milton Friedman and James Buchanan, both Nobel Prize winning economist say that the new deal deepened the great depression."

..I was talking about in contrast to the stimulus package dickhead. Jesus, kids..

wynsters the tigress said...