Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump/Benjamin Button

Even though I spent a considerable amount of time defending "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" when people pointed out the similarities it had to "Forrest Gump" - this piece of video is pretty damning.


Ms. Lovely said...

watching Forrest Gump as I type..I will say that I like the concept of Benji Button more..but I can't deny how good Forrest Gump is..ah hell! They're both good movies :/

Cleveland Bob said...

Hold the phone a tic. Forest Gump is a horrible piece of cinematic treacle tht runs down the leg of all of filmdom.

Tom Hanks is a fine actor and there are elements to value in his performance, but c'mon already...the movie blows.

Then again, I hate It's A Wonderful Life" for many of the same reasons I hate F Gump so there's that.

Whichever. The movie of the year is The Wrestler.