Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Damn it feels good to see people up on it"

Even though the election is over and my guy won, I'm still pretty bitter, getting Bill and Hillary's condescending "He'll get his turn" approach to President Obama during the Primaries out of my head is a pretty herculean task. The Reverend Wright coverage depressed me for days on end. Even though I'm fully aware that Sean Hannity is the opposition, but his xenophobic scare tactics has assured one thing - if I ever see that motherfucker, I'm going to soften his ass up with a pillowcase full of sodas. Like the Holocaust, I often email youtube clips of the inbred racists at Palin rally's to friends with the words "Never Forget" as the respective title. But all the black conservatives who came out of the woodwork during the election now seem both sad and amazingly funny. Funny because, well, my guy won and they are left looking like a geriatric pair of tits. Sad because this their "I'm not a uncle tom, I just have conservative views" shtick doesn't work this time - not when you supported a ticket that was all about racist dog whistles and xenophobia. Yes, you are a conservative man, but you are a black man first - so it was fun to sit back and watch with curiosity as John McCain stoked white fears to win an election. Like strippers with daddy issues who take their clothes off for acceptance, black conservatives did the predictable shuck and jive routine because some black girl in their past called them "ugly" Enter James T Harris. Damn it feels good to see people up on it!

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