Thursday, December 21, 2006

HumanityCritic's message to a couple of feminists of there: "Relax Sugar-tits"

Don't get me wrong, even though I'm a typical man who loves sports, emotionless sex, and administering piss inducing right hooks in front of someones girlfriend, I love women and would go to the mat for them until the day I die. I know, feminists hate when some neanderthal, knuckle dragger of a man tries to prove their allegiance to the feminist movement by expressing their undying love for their mother, but I must say that my mother has a great deal to do with why I respect women by the way. But this post isn't really about me defending myself to thousands of women who are proud to own vagina's, I just want to express a gripe that I have.

See, it seems that every two months, like clockwork, I get a very passionate letter from some woman somewhere who proceeds to rip me a new asshole because of what she perceives to be my hatred for women. Usually a pretty scathing diatribe, dressed up in faux civility as if she really was really trying to reach out and psycho-analyze your favorite chubby pre-ejaculator when in reality her intent was to take a busy shit in my yahoo account. I guess it's not the content of the email that's disturbing, its more of the fact that it's amazingly obvious that this woman only read one of my posts and felt obligated to play an inbred version of Gloria Steinem only because she saw that I used the word "bitch" somewhere. (A word that I have only used when quoting somebody, when I've admitted my horrible use of the word, or describing a male. see "Bitch ass motherfucker!!") I also find it rather curious that you only find my supposed hatred for women objectionable, and not my hatred for the clergy, clowns, mines, Kobe haters with no argument, grown men that don't fight back, grown men that can't take a punch, black republicans, MC's who don't freestyle, DJ's who don't play the best part of a song, passive aggressive disses by vaginal bloggers, and chicks who don't buy the "Come on girl, it's protein" line when she is in the middle on a sexual act.

To be honest with you I think that this blog is suggested reading for feminists everywhere and an Al Qaeda-like training tool for turning young women into bona fide female freedom fighters. Despite the shit that I write, at the end of the day I'm a single 33 year old man with no kids, who's last meaningful relationship was with a stripper named Lexus who only redeemable qualities were her abilities to put her legs behind her head and to tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, so obviously what I'm doing isn't working. When people say that I hate women I immediately think about all those ignorant fucks who constantly misinterpret the movie "Scarface", mistakenly focusing on parts of his life and not on his untimely demise. In closing, this blog is a cautionary tale, so for those few wanna-be feminists that are giving their movement a bad name, relax sugar-tits..


Lola Gets said...

I just discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago. I do have a lot of downtime on my job (hehe), so Ive been reading your archives. I consider myself a womanist, not a faminist, and I dont find you or your words misogynistic at all. But hey, thats just me, lol.

Brother OMi said...

at the end of the day, it is not meant to offend anyone. i think your blog is dope and i consider myself a womanist.