Thursday, October 11, 2007

KRS, Get the Fuck outta here!!(

There are some things in life that simply transcend opinion, like Michael Jordan being one of the best basketball players ever to touch a piece of inflated leather, me being a crafty wordsmith that incite lesser bloggers the world over to angrily masturbate to my diatribes - and KRS-One being one of the greatest men to ever grip a microphone apparatus and proceed to make cerebellums within a 2 mile radius explode in unison. I'm certain that if it wasn't for KRS and Chuck, two men who could brilliantly mix the medicine in with the delectable Hip Hop feast they were serving you - there's no way that I'd be the politically aware adult that I am today if it wasn't for them. Because KRS was so instrumental in my political development, feeling the debt I owe to that brother is the epitome of insurmountable - I had taken it upon myself to serve as "the Teacha's" #1 devoted apologist over the years. Sorta.(Read more here)


Anonymous said...

let's be real...if this was 1989 Kanye would be Kwame 50 Cent would be Eazy-E. Who contributed more to hip-hop??? polka-dot fashion & blond hair? I know it sounds crazy but be real, hip-hop has changed very much since then and the george micheal look is cool in hip-hop now-a-days(even though it's gay).Yes Slick Rick talked about Bally's,Gucci,and had Benzes in videos but that was HIS style...Ice Cube,Rakim,or Gangstarr was'nt usin' Gucci in a rhyme cause it rhymed with coochie.
I can't believe people in they 30's are rushin' to Kanye's corner...yes Kanye is a good rapper & producer but some things he does is NOT hip-hop at all...Boyz II Men blazers??? O.K. if Rakim or Chuck D came out on stage rockin' a blazer (cause it's today's trend) you would call them a sell out. Some may say it's just a style of dress...Hip-Hop has grown waaayyyy outta control!
And Nas names his album 'Nigger' and people attack Nas when we all knew what N.W.A stood for. We've become hypocrites to our own culture.

Jdid said...

i like krs-one, i respect him and his music, i'll support him in concert cause the real hip hop is over there when he's performing but i got to disagree with him again on this 50 vs kanye thing

now i hear he's hooking up with chingy for a stop the violence thing. damn damn damn

Jdid said...

the word on the net is krs-one is going to be on celebrity fit club. hip hop just died

Ghagged said...

Is 50 cutting KRS one a check or something ?