Monday, October 08, 2007

VH1's Hip Hop Honors: A Networks way of apologizing for Minstrelsy(

If some down-on-his-luck writer one day decides that helping a deviant bastard like myself pen an autobiography as their last stab at a writing career before getting a regular 9 to 5 like "normal people", no matter how much they may object to the title - the chapter detailing the sordid events of my childhood has to be named "Break-dancing, masturbating to Lisa Lisa videos, and my Homeboy Chris". Recklessly spinning on cardboard and rubbing one out to a sweet pair of puerto-rican mammaries aside, Chris was the best buddy a guy could have while negotiating the turbulent waters of my formidable years - a decade plagued with verbal abuse, a crippling stutter, and an addiction to late-night snacking that still causes a brother to sporadically check my pulse during those fleeting moments when I'm engaged in some serious hardcore fucking.(Ok, masturbation) (Read more here)


Anonymous said...

Good post my dude. Man Phife looked hella sick during the show. smh Fiasco forgetting the lyrics.

The show was interesting though

Another Conflict Theorist said...

I'd be curious to know what you cats think about Lupe shitting on ATCQ in reaction to his being criticized for forgetting the lyrics.

He basically said that he had NEVER listened to Midnight Marauders, that he never would, and that he was weened on Gangsta Rap.