Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My daily attempt to resurrect Hip Hop: The Jaz Feat Jay-Z - Hawaiian Sophie

I know, I know - there are millions of throwback videos more worthy than this one - I'm fully aware of that fact. But I wanted to share this video with all of you to clearly show the extreme differences between men and women, let me explain. Of course men and women are very complex creatures and I'm not trying to generalize entire genders here, but its my personal experience that in terms of relationships women look back at those missed opportunities where they foolishly rejected some dude who really loved them - things of that nature. Men, specifically me - look back on the last 20 years on a daily basis with regret and calculate on old school abacus' all the women I could have fucked but for some reason didn't. That's the reason why the last thing in the world my black ass needs is a time machine(if that sort of thing existed that is), because instead of warning my father of the future cancer he'd die of and telling my boy Buddy to avoid going to that club the night he was shot dead on a crummy dancefloor - I sincerely think I'd spend my time in an alternate universe fucking. In turn, who knows how many crumb-snatchers I'd father with chicks like the one in my 9th grade Spanish class who admitted years later that she wanted to fuck my cerebral cortex out - I'd probably have some new venereal disease that baffled scientists would name after me.

Anyways, in terms of music videos - I haven't been able to get the chick in the Hawaiian Sofie video out of my head, just like the woman in this obscure Raw Fusion video and the woman in this Alkaholiks video. Jesus, can I come across any creepier?


Anonymous said...

It's crazy to believe that was almost 20 years ago.

Unknown said...

son brought it back.. i remember this joint... and i was like
look at the geek with the flat top jumping a line or two in...