Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why Kobe's 81 is more impressive than Wilt's 100

I really admire what Wilt did, and wouldn't be mad if people said that Kobe's feat couldn't touch it. But a friend of mine who writes for ESPN wanted me, the Kobe fan, to come up with an argument stating why his 81 point night is more important than Wilts. Plus some emailers asked me the same thing in response to my "Rumble Young Man Rumble!!!!" post. Fuck, here goes, rip me to shreads if you will.

Kobe sat for 6 minutes

Wilt played the entire game.

Besides the all out attempt to get the ball out of Chamberlain's hands the Knicks would foul other Warriors players. To counter that and get the ball back in Chamberlains hands, the Warriors would quickly foul a Knicks player. Implying that they we giving Wilt as many chances as possible to score.

The warriors had a total of 39 assists.

The Lakers had a total of 18 assists.(2 from Bryant)

Wilt Chamberlain quote after his 100 point game: "It would have been impossible to score this many points if my teammates hadn't kept feeding me, especially Guy!"

The Opposing teams roster against Kobe: Jalen Rose 6'8, 215(14.7 career ppg), Mike James 6'2, 188(career 10.3 ppg), Chris Bosh 6'10, 230(career 16.0 ppg) Morris Peterson 6'7, 220(career 11.8 ppg) Matt Bonner 6'10, 240(career 7.1 ppg) Charlie Villanueva 6'11 240(career 11.8 ppg) Joey Graham 6'7, 225(career 6.4 ppg) Jose calderon 6'3 210(career 6.1 ppg) Pape Sow 6'10, 250(career 2.3 ppg)

The Opposing teams roster against Wilt: The Knicks best center was sidelined with the flu, Phil Jordan, and was guarded by Darrall Imhoff 6'10 220(career with knicks- 7.2 ppg) and Cleveland Buckner 6'9 210(only played 2 seasons with the knicks(6 points a game) Willie Naulls 6'6, 225(career with knicks- 15.8 ppg) Donnis Butcher 6'2, 200(career with knicks- 6.1 ppg) Dave Budd 6'6, 205(career with knicks- 7.1 ppg) Al Buler 6'2 175(career with knicks- 9.8) Richie Guerin 6'4, 195(career with knicks- 17.3 ppg) Johnny Green 6'5, 200(career with knicks- 11.6 ppg)

The arguments about there being legitimate centers around the time played is a silly ass one because we are dealing with the specific game at hand. By comparing players during Wilt's 100 point game and Kobe's 81 point game, Wilt is by far the tallest individual. In Kobe's game, given the sizes of the players listed above, there are 7 players from the Raptors who participated in that game that are taller than Bryant.

Kobe Bryant hit a higher percentage of field goals

When Wilt scored his 100, it was a meaningless game with the playoff spots already secured.

Even thought the Raptors are no power house, the Knicks team that Wilt played against was dead last.

Wilts team lead the whole way, with Wilt not really needing to even play in the fourth quarter. His mere presence implies that he was getting fed the ball continuously to reach a certain goal. The Lakers game on the other hand was a different story, with the Lakers needing to come from behind to win.

From what they say about the time surrounding Wilts 100 point game, there wasn't really an emphasis on defense. Even though I know that the Toronto Raptors aren't exactly a defense first minded team.

Even though the argument about Kobe having the luxury of a three point shot is relevant, but it just highlights the fact that he took a crap-load of jump-shots. Higher in difficulty than most of the shots that I'm sure Wilt attempted.

Not that it would make a difference but the starting Center for the Knicks, Phil Jordan, didn't play because he was injured.


Reese The Law Girl said...

I'm going to give what probably is a lame comment here, but I just think Wilt's is more impressive because 100 is more than 81.

I'm serious. That's pretty much it. Also, the fact that NO ONE has surpassed 100 points. Including, Kobe. That makes it the most impressive.

Really simple, I know.

Max said...

You have an interesting, well researched argument. You sold me, but let me explain.

I look at the same way that I would look at somebody who broke the 100 meter dash record at a time of 8 seconds, but it was wind aided. Yeah, he got to the finish line before anyone else but the wind is a factor that you must consider.

Just like Wilts 100, there were different factors in play that you already layed out. Kobe's 81 is more impressive because of that.

cj said...

agreed with all your points. 100 is more than 81, but Kobe's 81 is much more impressive.

and we have a video recording of it. in HD.

(being replayed today on NBAtv for all that missed it-i.e. the entire east coast)

AngieMD2007 said...

sorry, wilt's is more impressive. let's not forget they didn't have the 3 point line back then. so his 100 points were more hard earned than kobe's.

just my two cents

Belve said...

Lets Try comparing that to 63 in the PLAYOFFS.. not that im a Jordan fan.. far from it.. but that to me is much more impressive and if you wanna compare it on the same type scale... well hey there it is.

I am Jack said...

Kobe's is more impressive, yeah there was a 3 point line but that is more of a difficult shot than anything Wilt took. If Kobe took the same close range shits wilt did, he would have 150..

Rose said...

Honestly I could care less. 100 is better than 81 anyday of the week no matter how it happened. Didn't Wilt have a better attitude than Kobe? Maybe that's why Wilt was more impressive. Kobe sucks! I'm not a fan. I am a fan of Allen Iverson....

Chris said...

Image doesn't mean shit, Wilt was a bigger asshole. Kobe Bryant's 81 is more impressive based on the facts you stated. Period.

Anonymous said...

100 is still more than 81(repeated ad naseum) and WILT did it in a pair of tight pants(no brokeback)

chuck said...

Naw, saying "100 is more than 81" is a idiotic argument. Based on your argument, how Wilts players actively tried to feed him the ball, Wilts game being a meaningless game that was out of reach, and Kobe's high field goal percentage.. 81 is beter than 100. Hands down...

BLESSD1 said...

Is Kobe a selfish, self-interested gun-slinger? We don't even need to answer that one. Was his scoring 81 one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed? HELL YEAH!!! As much as I hate his ass, Kobe, talent-wise, has few peers, and just like Jordan, has a killer instinct which is unquestionable. As much as I hate to admit it, Kobe scored that 81 in ways that Wilt couldn't dream of doing it, and facing better competition. For those who are questioning that, just remember that two weeks earlier, he put 62 up on the same Dallas Mavericks that are serious conteders in the West....IN THREE QUARTERS!!!

Genesis said...

all this talk about KB and his teams didnt make the playoffs without Shaq last year.

All in all 81 is good. really good. 100 is good too. I have no say in this.

Lets just see if Kobe can get his team to the playoff and have a good post-season.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what Kobe has around him, 81 is still motherfucking 81. Period. We all know his teams suck, which doesn't have anything to do with his great single game accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

First of all no fucking A.I fans alloud. And for all you haters It asks why its more impresive that kobe dropped 81 in a more compeditive game and better team and his team wasn't feeding him the ball every second. And the fact of the 3 ball please. how bout Wilt just standing thre in the paint all day as long as he wants. KB played less to. And more imrresive not more points. Peace out. Don't like it hollar at me EnzoLA24

Anonymous said...

What the heck is this crap?
wilt cant shoot 3 pointers
are you kidding me, KOBE'S shots were
more harder because there were 7 other players on the raptors that were taller than him.

Lakers for life
Screw the haterz

Narek and Garni said these true words

tone said...

Thats some bull now there are 3 pointers which kobr has used back then there were no 3 point line sooooooooooo wilts 100 point game is most impressive

The Humanity Critic said...

Nope. Kobe's was more impressive. Take into account that Wilt's game was a blow-out, with his teammates passing up shots to assist Wilt's record. Kobe's game was still in the balance, so his points were more impressive.

joe said...

Damn, there are some stupid mother fuckers out there. They cant seem to understand the difference between "more points" and "more impressive performance".

Either they all ride the short bus or they are just haters who wont give the man credit no matter what he does... (most likely all Jordan fans who feel their man's legacy is being threatened by another legacy that is going to be greater)