Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program..

Because of the simple fact that certain cowards who comment on this blog won't except my challenge to the sweet science of fisticuffs, or they simply won't comply when I ask for their home address, I have to understand that they lack a functioning pair of testicles and moderate my comments on this here blog. Feel free to comment all you like, opposing opinions will not be censored, just comments of the "I'm an inbred dumb-ass who thinks me randomly saying "your blog stinks" makes me less of a pussy" variety. Thank you for your time. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


Ironman said...

It's unfortunate that a lot of people are cowards and leave inapproriate comments under anonymous. It honestly shows that they have nothing to do better with their lives.

Also everyone on this date, the hip hop game lost one of it's best a man by the name of: Big L. So everyone, even if it's for a second throw your L's up to pay respect to Harlem's Finest.

Rest in Peace
Lamont Coleman (aka Big 1974-1999)

Massander said...

yeah, i had someone pull that bitch move on my blog the other day. granted i only get like a max of 3 comments on average. but when one out of 3 is a punk ass move like the one you described, that's a problem... i just want to tell those people, "you don't have to tell me your real name, but be traceable on SOME level, bitch!"

there. i said it! :)

anyway, i enjoy the blog. keep it up.

Georgiapeach said...

Aw that sucks you have had to put that moderation thingy on here.

Spiteful anon comments are fun to read. Be glad your getting them. I don't get any (they already know whats, but I sure like to read others..rofl.

jameil1922 said...

yeah, i had to take that anonymous option off b/c i'm too lazy for comment moderation and i'm just like well damn if you're gonna speak, come correct bitch! damn be creative and make up a name. it takes like 10 minutes (like massander so eloquently stated).

Brother OMi said...

i feel you homie. the internet has allowed alot of cowards to run their mouths. but its okay... karma ain't no joke. we will find them.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Hmpf! Only 5 comments? Proof positive... Cowards (translation) severely lacking testicular fortitude.

Anonymous said...

Duh..I'm anonymous..dirrr...I'm talking shit even though I have a crappy blog..Dirrr... what way can I show my jealousy than to come here and criticize, even though I'm the poster child for abortions.. DIIIIIRRRR