Monday, November 20, 2006

Boogie Nights: "You Got the Touch!!"/"Feel my Heat"

Maybe because I'm immature, still laughing when old people fall or whenever someone utters the word "boobies" and all, but whenever I see this clip from "Boogie Nights" I feel like a leper in a comedy club, laughing my motherfucking ass off. But women that I'm intimate with don't find it funny in the least, me screaming "You've got the touch" while she's "jerking my gerkin'", or me whispering "Feel, feel, feel my heat!!" in the ear of a woman while I'm with her biblicly, they don't share my comedic sensibilities. Fuck it, its still funny though.


Bk_red said...

this is amazing! i remember liking boogie nights a lot, but i didn't remember this scene from the movie. thanks for refreshing my memory. damn, i love mark wahlberg! if you haven't seen it, you should go check out the departed. mark is great in that, too.

Knine said...

Man, I thought I was the only person who thought this song was one of the best parts of the movie,...All dayyyyyyy all nigggght you feeeeel my heeeeeat, the best part is when they were like "were you recording that?" And they were just singing acapella. Great find homie!

Knine said...

I had to add "I was Born ready nick lets go man...keep the vocals up" !!!!ROTFLMAO

Dirk was SOOO ready to get high

silkyjumbo said...

Huh. If I'm with a guy and he starts singing "You've Got The Touch", the chances of him getting head increase exponentially.

I love "Boogie Nights", that's all I'm sayin'.